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Discover how our solutions bring comfort and style to yours homes.



We design, manufacture and sell a wide range of products for the furniture, carpentry, hardware and DIY sectors.


The Emuca Blog

Get inspired by the latest trends, product news, news and much more...

17/11/2021 5 office furniture wheel kits
17/11/2021 Emuca drawer handles: everything you need to know
08/11/2021 6 multidecks for kitchen, office and home
03/11/2021 Kitchen equipment: keys to making the right choice
25/10/2021 Trendy cabinet handles for 2021
20/10/2021 Furniture legs: 10 tips to hit the nail on the head

Technical support

When it comes to designing and assembling furniture, there are so many things you need to think about, but don’t worry! We have compiled all the information you need to achieve the results you want with no worries.


+ than 20 catalogs

Technical and product catalog


Enhanced content

+5,000 images and videos

+200 Assembly instructions

+100 Technical questions

Product Configuration

Election facility

Customize your order

Multiple combinations


Logistic Reliability


Priority and offers

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