Emuca office products are designed to enhance functionality and organization in work environments, providing innovative and practical solutions for everyday use. What types of office products does Emuca offer? Wireless chargers: Models like Airtop 2 and Airtop 2 USB-A allow wireless charging of mobile devices, with discreet installation on the desk surface. Multifunctional connectors: Connectors like One and Circle 80, which facilitate access to charging and data ports directly from the desk. Cable organizers: Trays and cable ducts like Plaswire 85 and Plaswire 152, which keep cables organized and out of sight. There are also options in TV mounts or keyboard trays for greater comfort. What are the advantages of these products? Efficiency and convenience: Wireless chargers and multifunctional connectors allow efficient space management and eliminate the need for multiple adapters and cables. Modern and functional design: All products are designed to integrate perfectly into any office environment, with elegant finishes and options in various sizes and shapes. Easy installation: The products are designed for quick and easy installation, with clear instructions and necessary components included. How do they contribute to workspace organization? Cable-free space: Cable ducts and organizers allow for a clean and orderly desk, improving the aesthetics and functionality of the space. Easy and quick access: Connectors and chargers are designed to be accessible and easy to use, reducing setup time and improving productivity. Where can these products be used? Offices: To improve organization and efficiency on desks and shared work areas. Homes: Ideal for home offices, providing discreet and effective charging and cable management solutions. Retail spaces: Enhancing functionality at customer service counters and work areas in stores and other establishments.



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