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Video Gallery

Would you like to get a better view? We’re sure you will want to see close up details of how our products work, or step-by-step assembly instructions. Here are all the videos you need.


How to mount a Dot dimmer touch sensor with LED luminaires
How to install the Spirit dimmer touch sensor that remains hidden under the surface of the furniture
How to install the Polux lighted hanging bar on a wardrobe
How to mount the Castor hanging bar with LED lighting on a wardrobe

LED Strips

How to install an LED Strip with a tilted aluminium profile in furniture
How to install an LED Strip with an aluminium profile into the surface of furniture
How to install an LED Strip with a curved profile embedded in furniture
How to install an LED Strip with a curved aluminium profile embedded in furniture

Sliding door systems

How to mount the Space+ sliding system for sliding doors
How to mount Even truss on wooden doors
How to mount sliding doors on your furniture with a Clipo 16 sliding system
How is the sliding door system Folding Concepta 25

Wardrobe interiors

How to install the Sling folding hanger on a wardrobe
Choose the wardrobe system that adjusts to your space with Emuca
How to install an extractable trouser holder in your wardrobe
How to install an extractable tie rack in your wardrobe

Kitchen fittings

How to install vertical Gola-e profiles in a column for fitting an oven
Discover Emuca products for your kitchen
How to assemble the Titane column for storage
How to install the Titane corner unit in kitchen corner furniture

Drawers and accessories

Discover the best products for your bathroom with Emuca
System for assembling drawers Concept
Cutlery holder for the “Stop motion” drawer Optima
Drawers for kitchens, wardrobes and bathrooms Slim

Lift-ups and other fittings

How to install an upper module with the Holdy hanger
Discover the best products for your home with
Automatic stand for lifting the television Lift Vision
Hidden system for shelf assembly Monoghost

Company and institutional

Interzum 2019
AMC - Emuca 2019
Maderalia 2016
Italian trade SICAM 2018