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We want to clear up the main technical doubts that may arise regarding the assembly of our products and the necessary steps required to assemble them.

Systems for sliding doors

Slyding systems

The choice of the door opening system is a key point in the design of a wardrobe, and it is necessary to take into account factors such as: functionality, ease and continuity of use, making the most of space, as well as the appearance. At Emuca, we offer technical solutions for the furniture industry.

The main opening systems on wardrobes:

- Wardrobe with hinge door. See family 1.
This is the most common and classic system. Its hinge system makes it possible to open panels of different sizes and with different opening angles (up to 180º) and opening is quick and simple, although it is the system that takes up most space. If you do not have a large space, this may not be your best system. However, if your wardrobe is going to have very regular use, over time hinge doors are a lot more convenient than other systems.

- Wardrobe with sliding opening. See family 7.
They are suitable for large pieces of furniture as well as small ones and where you do not want disturbance when opening the doors. Half of the piece of furniture is always closed, but this is an ideal system for small spaces. Within this system there are inner sliding doors (within the structure itself of the furniture) and outer ones (completely hiding the wardrobe), and it can be installed built-in to the wall or free from it. In any case, our sliding doors have guide rails consisting of two rails with wheels.

What type of door should I choose for my wardrobe?

We have a table for calculating the weight of a door, which is necessary to know when choosing guy ropes and measurements.

Depending on the material of the door, as well as its dimensions, the result will be the weight of the door (kg) that you can use to calculate to the necessary strength of the measure (Kg x cm).

How can I calculate the weight of the door?



When you assemble a wardrobe with a system of sliding doors it is necessary to mount handle profiles for opening and closing. In the Emuca catalogue there are different models created from aluminium and steel.

Depending on the sliding door system chosen, you can use certain handle profiles or other depending on their geometry. In the following table you can find the compatibility that exists between different sliding door systems and handle profiles.

ü   Compatible and ideal.

-    Compatible but not ideal.

x    Not compatible.

Which handle profiles can I mount with the different sliding door systems for wardrobes that there are in the Emuca catalogue?

Generally, in our catalogue there are two forms of sale for profiling items:

Package sales. For that reason we have profiles cut to the specific measure (for example 3m) and packaged in the quantity outlined in the catalogue (for example 24m packaging). They are for immediate delivery as we have stock and they can be managed through our B2B.

Made to measure sales: For this purpose we have profiles in industrial packaging (for example m packaging) and in this way, our clients can request profiles made to a specific measure. The maximum cut measurement that can be requested is the length of the bar indicated with L (for example 3m).

This sales method implicitly involves extra management, opening codes, for opening codes, handling, cutting and packaging, as well as an extra delivery period from the order date.

These products can be requested through our B2B, although the assessment of the order (final price) is outstanding until the Customer Service Area gets in touch with the client in order to define the exact measurement, the quantity of profiles requested and the delivery period.

What do the codes with packaging in metres that are on lots of profiling products mean? What is the difference between them? Which do I choose?

Space system

In order to mount the sliders on doors it is possible to use different screw options, always bearing in mind the board thickness of the door:

- Euro screws. In this case it is necessary to machine a 5mm diameter hole into the door. For example, for a door thickness of 19 mm we will choose the code. 5044007 with a length of 17 mm.

- Self-tapping screws. They can have a 4mm diameter which do not require machining on the board. For example, for a board of 19 mm we will choose a 4 x 20 mm screw with the code. 8218605 or 5032405. 

For the assembly of Free Face profile hands for board of 19-20 mm alongside the Space+ sliding door system, it is necessary to choose an outside runner with a thickness of 30 mm and adhesive spacer cod. 4000820.

For the assembly of Free Face 2 profile hands for board of 19-20 mm alongside the Space+ sliding door system, it is necessary to choose an outside runner with a thickness of 23 mm.


The upper reinforced runner acts as a thread for the runners on the Space+ sliding door system. This profile offers greater resistance to torsion than the runner that is not reinforced, therefore it is ideal for large wardrobes with heavy doors that weigh up to 85 kg each.

For the assembly of Brenta or Adige handle profiles for 18 mm board along with the Space + sliding doors, it is necessary to choose an outside runner with a thickness of 23 mm.

Neco system

The following video shows how the sliding door system for wardrobes is assembled.

The following video shows how the sliding door system for wardrobes is assembled.

Although the he adjustable, visible, hanging Neco sliding system allows for a maximum door thickness of 30 mm, the fittings and profiles of the Free aluminium door do not allow for the assembly of this sliding door system.

An adhesive felt is supplied with the Soft Neco soft closing system, it should be mounted on the actuator of the door, unless you have a handle that is in that zone.

Yes, you should always mount the adhesive felt on the actuator of the Soft Neco soft close door when the adjustable Neco sliding door system is used. In the un-adjustable system, it is not necessary to use it.


No, with this system it is very important to respect the maximum and minimum door measurements, as well as the relationship between the breadth, height and weight of it. To do so, you need to consult the following table:

TH = Door height; TB = Door breadth; Result = Maximum door weight for the indicated dimensions.

Example: Door dimensions 2000 x 850 (THxTB) so Maximum door weight = 23 kg, although the system is for a max 30kg/door.

Can I mount the Concepta 30 system on a door with dimensions outside of the established range, but with a weight of less than 30 kg?

You can mount a handle using the Folding Concepta 25 system always on the door on the other side to the installation.

Also, the handle needs to have a centred position in terms of height and be close to the folding area.

Example of a mounting system on the left with a handle.

Where can I mount a handle on a door with the Folding Concepta 25 system?

West system

The West 2 system of sliding and folding doors for wardrobes consists of a rail that a runner slides along and hinges fastened to the side of the door. The weight supported will depend on the number of hinges fastened.

For example, for a door with maximum dimensions of 2,500x500mm, it would be necessary to use 5 hinges and it would support an approximate weight of 20 kg.

In order to install the West 2 system for sliding and folding doors, it is necessary to choose between a runner with a hinge or a double runner. On doors whose height requires more than three hinges, it is recommendable to always use a double runner.

The quantity of hinges needed for each door will depend on the width and the height of the door, as well as the material it is made from. In fact, it can vary in some specific cases. The attached diagram can be used as a reference, where L is the distance between the hinges.

What should I choose, a runner with a hinger or a double runner, in order to assemble to West 2 system of sliding and folding doors for wardrobes?

Placard system

In order to set up a wardrobe using the Placard sliding doors system, you need to take several parameters into account, we make this task easier with a help table in order to configure the wardrobes.

This calculation table makes it possible to calculate the length of handles and bars depending on the dimensions of the wardrobe, as well as the side of the board or glass in the doors.

How can I set up a wardrobe using a sliding system with lower Placard support?



These lower rails are used along with the Placard sliding door system and a fastening with a clip system.

Both rails are very easy to assemble and more cost-effective thanks to the fact that a cover is not required to hide the fastening screws.

The difference is that the first lower rail is available for boards of a 10mm, 16mm and 18mm thickness, and the second rail is designed for easy flush mounting on the edge of the furniture for 10 mm and 16 mm thick board.

The Wave 16 and Wave 16 E handle profiles for creating sliding doors have the same design and the same geometry for 16 mm thick board. The difference is that the Wave 16 E handle profile has a reduced thickness and is therefore more cost-effective.

The Wave 18 and Wave 18 E handle profiles for creating sliding doors have the same design and the same geometry for 18 mm thick board. The difference resides in the fact that the Wave 18 E handle profile has a reduced thickness and is therefore more cost-effective. 

No, it is only compatible for the Placard 81 system.

No, the clipping pressure is sufficient so as not to require the use of screws, just like with the other Hill 19, Vall 19 and Line 19 aluminium handle profiles for 19 mm thick boards.

Yes, it is possible to put a brake on the central door of a 3 door Placard wardrobe. However, it is necessary to take into account the opening of the central door in order to put the brake in, as it is only possible to have the brake in one direction. In the following diagram you can see the position of the brakes on the rail depending on the opening direction of the sliding doors.

Is it possible to put a brake on the central door of a 3 door Placard wardrobe?

The Slowmove soft closing system for Placard can be assembled on 2-door and 3-door wardrobes:
For 2-door wardrobes you can install Slowmove soft closing on the opening as well as the closing of all the doors. However, on 3-door wardrobes you can install Slowmove soft closing only on the outer door for opening. For closing, it can be installed on all of the doors (inside and outside) depending on the closing movement.

Is it possible to mount Slowmove soft closing for Placard on wardrobes with 3 doors?

The minimum recommended width that a door should have in order to mount soft Slowmove closing for Placard is 650 mm.

Yes, the current Ø50mm channel slider can be used with the new Placard 74 system but the gap for housing the upper and bottom rail needs to be increased from 74 to 77 mm in order to prevent the slider interfering with the inner divider or dividers.

 There are two types of fittings that are used to fit glass doors on the Placard sliding system for wardrobes:

- Plastic wedges. They are put into the handle profiles using pressure along with the glass, using four wedges on each side of the door and leaving the set fastened.
It is also recommended to use the fitting profile (code. 4001621 / 7917121) for the rest of the handle profile and the crossbeam if there is one.

- Screws. They are used to screw the upper and lower profiles of the door to the handles, to the runners and the rollers and to the Slowmove closing. These screws are a correct length in order not to damage the glass.

How are the fittings of the glass doors mounted on the sliding system for Placard wardrobes?

Glider system

In order to get the door to sit flush with the unit, with the Gilder sliding system, you need to take into account the dimensions of the following diagram:

What are the positioning dimensions of the rail in order for the door to sit flush with the unit in the Glider sliding system?



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