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What we offer?

What we offer?
What we offer2
  • A multicultural company. Our group has an international presence and this enhances the process of cultural exchange and the expatriation of our employees to provide added value to our business.
  • A young, dynamic organisation. The average age of our staff is just 35.
  • A policy of transparency regarding information. We share our management indicators with all of our employees in real time, using different technological systems.
  • Quality employment. Over 90% of our employees have permanent contracts and our rotation index is extremely low.
  • A Family-Responsible company. Recognised by the Ministry of Employment and the +Familia Foundation. Paying attention to the personal circumstances of each employee is an essential part of our Human Resource policies.
  • Workplace flexibility. Our employees have flexible timetables and payment systems and can choose the dates for their holidays.
  • A payment system which recognises the achievement of goals. On individual, team and company levels. All of our employees have a fixed and a variable component to their salary.
  • Six-monthly competence evaluations. To guarantee that employees receive feedback on their performance and information regarding their professional development.
  • Over 1800 hours per year on staff training, especially in languages. We teach English and French at our facilities.
  • Extensive social benefits. To complement our payment system: assistance in kindergarten payments, gifts when a child is born, rewards for long service, etc.
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