4 Unit1204816Not defined220-240V AC - 50-60Hz24V DC15 W5152420
4 Unit1586016,5Not defined220-240V AC - 50-60Hz24V DC30 W5152520
4 Unit1996016,5Not defined220-240V AC - 50-60Hz24V DC60 W5152620
4 Unit2766016,5Not defined220-240V AC - 50-60Hz24V DC90 W5152720

Product features

  • Constant voltage driver for LED technology luminaires, designed to be efficient in terms of energy consumption as it has a high power factor.
  • Power 15 W.
  • Input 220-240V AC - 50-60Hz.
  • Output 24V DC.
  • Suitable for dry areas, IP20.
  • It has a reduced thickness of only 16mm, which allows it to be hidden in the rear or areas where there is not enough space to hide it.
  • It has 6 MINILED outlets and a 2m long power cable with angled Type C plug that includes an IEC 60320 C7 connector at the other end, also allows to connect another cable with a different plug (depending on the market).
  • Coner complies with all European regulations and is protected against electrical and electromagnetic interference, overheating and short-circuit protection on the secondary which helps to ensure long-lasting, stable and safe operation.
  • Made of Plastic with White finish.

The SMART 24V DC constant voltage driver is designed for LED technology luminaires. It has an interchangeable cable offering the possibility of connecting another cable to the driver with a different plug, depending on the target market. This peculiarity is also very useful when using Emuca 240V AC Sensors as it makes the system a Plug&Play system that is very easy to install.

It includes a control port with an adapter cable to connect the SMART sensors, thus centralising the switching on and off of all the lights connected to the driver. By using the SMART sensors in the control port, we can override the admissible power limitation that these sensors have by default (36W Max at 12V DC or 72W Max at 24V DC), being able to connect all the power of the driver, thus controlling it with a single sensor. In addition, the Sensors can be used in any of the 6 ports or secondary outputs of the converter with Miniled connection, allowing independent installations with a single driver.

It can be easily concealed thanks to its reduced height, it also has 6 Miniled outputs and a 2m long power cable with a 90ยบ angled Type C plug to prevent it from protruding from the socket and includes an IEC 60320 C7 connector at the other end. It is designed with a plastic (Polycarbonate) enclosure which provides the transformer with class II protection and features overheating and short circuit protection.


1 LED driver, 1 power cable 2m with angled Type C plug and IEC 60320 C7 connector, 1 control port cable, 1 double-sided adhesive, 2 screws for fastening the driver


Converter LED SMART (24V DC), Power 15W, MINILED, Plastic

5152420 / 8432393320892