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Connector 55 Concepta 30

Concepta 30

Cod. Finishing
1 6074462 Matt anodized
Matt anodized
Code: 62
Matt anodized
Material Aluminium

The following video shows how the sliding door system is assembled.

No, with this system it is very important to respect the maximum and minimum door measurements, as well as the relationship between the breadth, height and weight of it. To do so, you need to consult the following table:

TH = Door height; TB = Door breadth; Result = Maximum door weight for the indicated dimensions.

Example: Door dimensions 2000 x 850 (THxTB) so Maximum door weight = 23 kg, although the system is for a max 30kg/door.

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Cod. Finishing
1 6074120 Transparent / not defined lupa
Transparent / not defined
Code: 20
Transparent / not defined
Material Aluminium

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