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15 W (12V DC) IP44 LED converter

Transformers and drivers

It has IP44 protection against moist environments that is suitable light installations in bathroom furniture. It has extra-flat housing that enables installation in small spaces such as underneath a mirror.
15 W (12V DC) IP44 LED converter
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Power Input Output Cod. Finishing
15 W 100-240V AC - 50-60Hz 12V DC 10 5017320 Transparent / not defined
Transparent / not defined
Code: 20
Transparent / not defined
Material Plastic

An LED light may flicker for several reasons, in order to know the cause, you must:

Check that the LED light is connected to the correct type of converter, constant voltage or constant intensity.

Check that the power of the converter is not less than the total power of the LED lights connected to the converter.

Check that that the converter is not overheating. The converter needs to have a suitable operating temperature. The operating temperature is printed on the converter.


If an LED light switches on and then switches off, it is because the converter is overheating.

The most common reasons for the converter to overheat are a lack of ventilation in the place of installation or excessive power delivery.

In this case the converter is providing all or more of the power that it can give and we will need to replace it with a more powerful converter.

If an LED light does not turn on it is because it needs more power than that provided by the converter or it may be due to a polarity problem.

In this case lights connected to a direct current have to maintain polarity throughout the entire circuit (positive with positive and negative with negative).

In order to choose the correct converter or transformer for each light, it is necessary to:

1. - Know the type of converter or transformer that corresponds to each light (12V DC, 350 mA or 12V AC). In our catalogue we indicate on each light the type of converter or transformer that must be used through a series of icons.

2. - Know the total necessary power (6 W, 15 W, etc.).
Once you have chosen the type of converter you have to choose the power that is required. For that purpose, it is necessary to add up all the powers of the lights that you are going to connect to the same converter.

For example, you have 4 Orion lights (code 7048162) each 3 W, the total power is therefore 12 W. It is recommended that the converters work at 80% of the maximum power that they withstand.
Therefore, we will choose the 15 W LED converter (code 7001420).

Likewise, the maximum number of lights that can be connected to the same converter is 6 units, as the AMP distributors have 6 connectors.

No, they are isolated converters. Therefore, they do not need to be earthed.

The power tolerance should be -20% in power supplies. That is to say, if the total power of lights connected to a single converter is 12 W, it is necessary to use a 15 W converter. However, if the installation surpasses 12 W, it is necessary to choose a more powerful converter, for example 30 W.

The following video shows how you can easily install the aforementioned LED lighting.

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Cod. Finishing
20 5017220 Transparent / not defined lupa
Transparent / not defined
Code: 20
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Material Plastic

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