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Micron switch/dimmer (switch)


Micron switch/dimmer (switch)

Solution for controlling the light intensity of your lights with long pressing thanks to its function dimmer, while to turn it on or off, you simply need a short pressing on the sensor.
Micron switch/dimmer (switch)
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Power Max Input Output Cod. Finishing
24 W (12V DC) - 48 W (24V DC) 12V DC - 24V DC 12V DC - 24V DC 6 5053125 Silver painted
Silver painted
Code: 25
Silver painted
Material Plastic

Our LED converters do not have the necessary characteristics to work together with dimmers in the primary voltage (110 ~ 240V AC, 50 ~ 60Hz).

However, we do have devices that can regulate the intensity (dimmer) in the secondary voltage (12V-24V DC). These can be:

The following video shows how you can easily install the aforementioned LED lighting.

The Micron sensor makes it possible to connect several lights with a single converter (provided that it does not exceed the power of 24W), as it can be connected to 12V DC (after the converter).

Thanks to its dimmer function you will be able to increase or reduce the light flow from 100% to 5% in a progressive range with long pressing, while for switching on or turning off all of the lights, all that is needed is a short pressing on the sensor.

A sensor dimmer is a device that makes it possible to control the light intensity of one or several lights, in this manner it is possible to reduce or increase the light flow, provided that the properties of the lighting allow for it.

It will depend on the characteristics of the light whether or not it can be adjusted with a sensor dimmer.

With the lights in our catalogue, as a general rule it is possible to adjust the intensity of all the lights that are connected to 12 V DC. Provided that the sensor dimmer is connected after the 12 V DC converter.

On the contrary, it is not possible to regulate the intensity of lights that need a constant 350 mA intensity, nor is it possible to adjust the lights that are connect to an AC current as they have the converter built-in.

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