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Cod. Finishing
14 8061525 Silver painted
Silver painted
Code: 25
Silver painted
Material Plastic
14 8061551 Satin finished nickel
Satin finished nickel
Code: 51
Satin finished nickel
Material Plastic
14 8061515 White plastic
White plastic
Code: 15
White plastic
Material Plastic

The following video shows how you can easily assemble the microwave frame.

  • Microwave frame for installation on 600mm wide unit.
  • Available in plastic with various finishes including: die-cast in white, painted in metallic grey and electrolytic coatings in glossy nickel (similar to Stainless Steel).
  • Includes a weakened rack which allows the user to trim and adjust the frame to the microwave and as such the frame becomes completely integrated into the piece of furniture.
  • Includes assembly screws, covers to hide the screws, and 4 wall plugs to position the microwave at the required height.
  • Easy façade positioning.

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