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Logistic capacity

Logistic Centers that optimize delivery times

Logistic Centers that optimize delivery times
Logistical Backbone

we are constantly investing in logistical technology

One of Emuca’s primary aims is to ensure the quality of our service. It is therefore essential for us to offer optimum delivery times. In order to do this we are constantly investing in logistical technology at all of our centres.

The Emuca Group has three logistical hubs which together provide over 21,000m2 of space, equipped with the most advanced telematic systems, automated vertical storage systems and internal transport management systems. All of this, together with the extensive stock of catalogue references, guarantees our customers immediate delivery.

Our Padua HQ is the most strategically placed of our centres as it is located in the north of Italy, which speeds up the distribution of our products to central Europe.

We work with integrated logistics experts who guarantee

  • Daily connections to and from the major European industrial and consumer centres.
  • Reliable transit times tailored to suit our customers.
  • Express services.
  • Flexible solutions for all types of special transport (over-sized goods, extra-long material, etc.).
  • Automated management and monitoring of deliveries which can be checked online. 

Furthermore, to improve customer service, we insist that our transport providers meet their planned delivery times in over 95% of cases.