Project updating tips with the Latest in Bathroom Accessories

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Bathrooms are an essential part of any home, therefore, it is vital that your projects adapt to your clients’ needs and that you can offer them the latest designs that ensure added value to your projects and ensure your clients love the results.

At Emuca, as fittings specialists, we offer you some tips so that you can use the best and latest bathroom accessories.

So, read on and discover a new world.

Modern Design Enters Bathroom Design in 2021

Each client is different and has their own taste and needs, but if you complement your services with good advice in terms of functionality, quality and aesthetics, the result will be much better than expected.

New bathroom accessory trends ensure the beauty of the new space while providing comfort, practicality and usability.

Bathroom design welcomes natural materials such as wood. The feeling of relaxing in nature, with all the benefits this implies, is priceless.

Likewise, this new trend brings with it an improvement in furniture and drawers. The perfect bathroom accessories are pre-treated to avoid any damage or failure caused by water or moist.

Another great innovation is Solid Surface, a material that mixes polyester resins and fine homogeneous solids with a natural mineral composition that is growing in demand, since it enables us to create transluscent spaces that are both stylish and functional.

There are also new trends in floors, including large square tiles, marble and spectacular wooden designs.

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Types of Trending Bathroom Accessories for your Designs

As regards currently popular bathroom accessories, you can choose the trend that best fits the style of each of your clients.

There are so many modern bathroom accessories to choose from, that you will finally achieve the most amazing results they could ever imagine. All you have to do is find the perfect accessory for each place.

To complete the design of any bathroom and make it perfect, you need to use modern bathroom accessories. Lighting can also help you achieve a more modern look, so why not use LED strips in cabinets and walls? Choose the light fittings that best adapt to the modern design you are looking for in your project.

Mirrors with integrated lighting are perfect to achieve a soft but clean light to get ready to go out, or we can also include lighting points that provide a more modern style to each space.

Lastly, what better way to customise the design of your bathroom than using extendable towel rails, baskets, or handles for your furniture which will surely give all your designs a different and unique touch.

At Emuca, you can purchase all the bathroom accessories that will help you give it that final touch and exceed your clients’ expectations.

Different Applications and Styles for Trending Bathroom Accessories

The final touch for any bathroom that can make or break the perfect design is the use of modern bathroom accessories.

As previously mentioned, these will enable you to include decorative and ornamental elements integrated to your furniture, such as decorative furniture wheels or pots, that you can choose based on the look and design of the rest of the space, to stay coherent with it.

Any bathroom accessory you choose to include in your new project must, of course, be of high quality and ensure long-term, practical and comfortable use.

Your clients will therefore see all their needs solved while they improve their bathroom and create a space where they can enjoy the peace and tranquility they are after.

Whatever your needs, at Emuca we have it ready for you. We offer a broad range of possibilities, designs, materials, colours and sizes so you can adapt our offer to your project.

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