Key aspects to take into account when designing a bathroom

como diseñar un baño

The bathroom in a home should always be a practical and functional place that provides comfort. Therefore, when your clients ask you for a bathroom design project, you must take into account some basic aspects that will help you to create a room in accordance with what they are looking for and with their needs.

Therefore, here at Emuca, we will explain to you the most important aspects so that you know how to design the perfect bathroom for every home.

Go ahead, get your clients to fully enjoy all your projects!


Planning and organizing to design a bathroom

If there is one thing that is essential for bathroom design, it is planning and organizing. This will ensure a successful final result.

Therefore, before starting the project you must take into account what you want to do, what changes you want to introduce, what space you have available, what budget you have and also the timeframe for completing the task.

Once all these points are clear, it is time to start selecting all the materials and accessories that we are going to need, according to our planning.

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How to design a bathroom: key aspects to take into account.

Although each bathroom has its own peculiarities, there are some basic aspects that you should take into account in order to know how to design a bathroom. Let us explain them below:


Bathroom designs according to space

Knowing and calculating the dimensions of the space in which you have to work is essential. If you keep this in mind, you will get the most efficient design. Remember that in addition to the furniture, shower or bathtub, you will also have to take into account the drains. So make sure you calculate the space and the elements you need to include in it.


Bathroom trends: style and decoration.

Functionality should always go hand in hand with aesthetics. A welcoming bathroom is the ideal place for any home. The style will be set by each client depending on the decoration of the rest of the home, but your recommendations will be taken into account, so it is necessary that you are aware of the latest trends in bathrooms.


Sanitary fittings and taps

Here you should take into account aesthetics and comfort, as well as the space available. Try to suggest the use of water-saving pieces for the sake of the customer’s economy and, of course, the environment.


Bathroom design: floor and walls

If you need ideas on how to design a bathroom this year, this year’s trends in bathrooms are once again based on the use of wood, stone or ceramic materials. Each of these elements is properly treated to withstand the humidity of the space and provide warmth to the room.

Tiles, floors… Take into account everything you will need to achieve an amazing result.


Lighting in bathroom design

Lighting is another essential aspect of bathroom design. With good lighting, we can create different atmospheres in the same place. A relaxation area for the bathtub, a more illuminated area for greater hygiene, mirrors with light… You can make use of wall lamps, light points, LED strips

Furniture and accessories for bathroom design

Finally, you must take into account the furniture that you are going to include. From wardrobes, dressing tables, modules… all of them with customized fittings to optimize space, avoid knocks and extend the useful life of each piece of furniture.

Like the Vertex drawers, designed with straighter and more stylized lines, in white and anthracite grey finishing. With different heights, they offer a wide range of solutions.

Other indispensable fittings in your bathroom designs are the extendable towel rails, laundry baskets, drawer organizers or handles for your furniture.

So, now that you know how to design a bathroom and what are the key aspects you should take into account, let’s get down to work! Offer your clients the most comfortable, useful, functional and beautiful projects they can imagine, and succeed with each one of them!

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