Emuca maintains its commitment to sustainability.

Emuca uses cardboard pallets for its shipping. Cardboard pallets offer many benefits, one of these being that they are more sustainable and eco-friendly, and for this reason we are going to include them in the 800 x 600 size and in picking orders. They offer, in addition, many more benefits that we would like to share below:

  • Innovative companies aligned with the 2030 sustainability goals.They are manufactured with 100% recycled raw materialsand, in addition, can certify a lower carbon footprint as they reduce shipping weight.
  • Safer and faster operability, as they do not contain splinters or nails, and can be picked up by hand with no risk of injury. (Upalet, the 800 x 600 cardboard pallet, weighs just 2 kilos compared to the 10-15 kilos a wooden one can weigh).
  • As they are lighter pallets, companies who pay for transport per kilo make savings in their invoices.
  • No additional documents are required for export, as, unlike wood, paper requires no thermal or plant treatment (NIMF 15),thus complying with international regulations.
  • Clients who receive goods can dispose of the pallet in any standard paper recycling container. This is very useful for shops or installations.

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