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Product features

  • Sliding system for wardrobe for supported doors with a maximum door load capacity of 60 kg.
  • Set of sliding wheel for the assembly of a 2-door enclosure. Top and bottom tracks are not included, system compatible with surface and recessed mounting tracks.
  • Height adjustment of the carriage by¬†10 mm by means of a screw and includes an adjustment lock on the carriages.
  • Includes 60 kg soft closing per door.
  • The ball bearing carriage set is made of steel and plastic. The screws required for assembly are included.

The Flow 60 sliding system for supported doors is designed for doors weighing up to 60 kg. The carriages are made of steel and plastic with ball bearing wheels which make the system slide smoothly, the same way these carriages have an adjustment lock and also have a height adjustment of 10 mm.

-Installation in the door:
The carriages can be installed with prior machining or on the surface by means of screws.

-Installation in the module:
For installation in the module, they can be installed in two different ways, either by using the mortise rail by machining or on the surface by using the appropriate rails and the anchoring clips for the rails.

In addition, the Flow 60 system can be fitted with a soft close for 60 kg doors, with the soft close being concealed within the rail itself.

Mounting screws are included in the trolley set.


1 set of soft accessories, 2 pairs of trolleys for both doors


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20 UnitBlack anodized24004954967
20 UnitBlack anodized39804954467
40 UnitGrey6114821
40 UnitBlack6114817

Flow 60 System for a wardrobe with 2/3 soft-closing wooden sliding doors, 2 doors, Steel and Plastic

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