PackagingBoard thicknessFinishingLongitudeSKU
8 Unit16 mmMatt anodized28506031862
8 Unit16 mmMatt anodized24006031962
8 Unit16 mmWhite painted24006031912
8 Unit16 mmBlack painted24006031914
8 Unit16 mmGold anodized24006031966

Product features

  • Placard H16x12/22 thin-profile crossbar profile.
  • 16 mm thick board.
  • Length of profile 2.8 m
  • Made of aluminum.
  • Matt anodized finish.

The crossbar from the Placard range, model H16x12/22, is used to join several boards together to form a door and therefore offers stability while protecting the edges of the boards.

It is made of Aluminium, a strong and resistant material that does not add weight to the door structure. In addition, the finishing treatments protect it from corrosion and wear.

It is an asymmetrical profile that allows it to be fitted with a 12mm high face for a minimalist design or 22mm for a robust look.


1 crossbar


PackagingLoadBoard thicknessFinishingSKU
2 Unit30 Kg10-16Not defined6107420
2 Unit30 Kg18Not defined6107520
2 Unit50 Kg10 - 16Not defined6107720
2 Unit50 Kg18Not defined6107820
4 KITNot definedGroove6108020
4 KITNot definedClassic6108120

Placard cross handle H16x12/22, slim profile, 2,8 m, Matt anodized, Aluminium

6031862 / 8432393287140
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