Unit15 Unit100White painted24008060412
Unit10 Unit100White painted39508060112
Unit15 Unit150White painted23908060512
Unit10 Unit150White painted39508060312
Unit10 Unit100White39508060115
Unit10 Unit120White39508060215
Unit10 Unit150White39508060315
Unit10 Unit100Black39508060117
Unit10 Unit120Black39508060217
Unit10 Unit150Black39508060317
Unit10 Unit100Anthracite grey39508060123
Unit10 Unit150Anthracite grey39508060323
Unit15 Unit100Satin finished anodized24008060463
Unit10 Unit100Satin finished anodized39508060163
Unit15 Unit120Satin finished anodized24008060663
Unit10 Unit120Satin finished anodized39508060263
Unit15 Unit150Satin finished anodized24008060563
Unit10 Unit150Satin finished anodized39508060363
Unit15 Unit165Satin finished anodized24008936763
Unit10 Unit165Satin finished anodized39508061063
Unit10 Unit180Satin finished anodized39508913063
Unit10 Unit100Gold finish39508060179
Unit10 Unit120Gold finish39508060279
Unit10 Unit150Gold finish39508060379

Product features

  • Composed of a sheet of aluminium with a glossy white lacquered finish.
  • Compatible with Bone feet.
  • Supplied with protective plastic film.

Plinth for kitchen unit base. This model has a thickness of 12.5 mm with square hollow sections that give rigidity to the piece. In addition, it includes a bottom tab to ensure a perfect finish and prevent dust and liquids from entering.

To guarantee its integrity, the product is protected by plastic film. For optimal assembly, it is recommended to use this plinth in conjunction with Bone feet.


1 Plinth


20 Unit150Satin finished anodized8060963
20 Unit100Anthracite grey8011623
20 Unit150Anthracite grey8015623
20 Unit100Satin finished anodized8011663
20 Unit120Satin finished anodized8013563
20 Unit150Satin finished anodized8015663
20 Unit165Satin finished anodized8919463
20 Unit180Satin finished anodized8913163
20 Unit100Champagne anodized8011669
20 Unit100White painted8910112
20 Unit150White painted8910312
20 Unit100White8910115
20 Unit120White8910215
20 Unit150White8910315
20 Unit100Black8910117
20 Unit150Black8910317
20 Unit120Black8910217
20 Unit100Anthracite grey8910123
20 Unit150Anthracite grey8910323
20 Unit100Satin finished anodized8910163
20 Unit120Satin finished anodized8910263
20 Unit150Satin finished anodized8910363
20 Unit165Satin finished anodized8910463
20 Unit180Satin finished anodized8910563
20 Unit100Champagne anodized8910169
20 Unit100Gold finish8910179
20 Unit120Gold finish8910279
20 Unit150Gold finish8910379

Plinth for kitchen Plasline, length 3.9m, height 100mm, Plastic and Aluminium, White painted

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