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Vertex drawer kit for kitchen or bathroom, 93 mm height with included boards., 450, White painted, Various


Vertex drawer kit for kitchen or bathroom, 93 mm height with included boards., 450, White painted, Various




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Product features

  • Hardware kit necessary for mounting a drawer of 93 mm height and depth of 500 mm, except for the drawer front, for modules with a width of 450 mm and a side thickness of 16 mm.
  • Synchronized total extraction runners, with soft closing and load capacity of 40 kg.
  • Board dimensions: bottom 399 x 490 mm and back 376 x 63 mm. Possibility of cutting the boards to adjust the width of the drawer to the desired measure.
  • Adjustment of the front: ±2mm in vertical and ±1mm in horizontal.
  • Made of white painted steel and chipboard with melamine of the same colour.
Technical information Technical information
See legend

Kit for kitchen and bathroom drawer with all the necessary elements for its assembly. It is the optimal solution for your kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe furniture with an elegant design in anthracite gray and white finish. Each kit is made up of all the elements necessary for mounting an external drawer of 93 mm height and depth 500 mm with various module widths. Includes: two sides, one set of soft-close runners, one set of covers, bottom and back boards and drawer front hooks. You will simply need the front panel with the necessary dimensions of the drawer.

The metal sides are made of steel with anthracite gray painted and white finish, allow the drawer front to be adjusted ± 2mm vertically and ± 1mm ​​horizontally /strong>. The guides are total extraction with soft closing and allow a maximum load of 40 Kg for the drawer.

The boards included for the bottom and the back are made of chipboard in anthracite gray and white finish, with a rough surface to give greater surface resistance. The boards are 16 mm thick and are cut to size from standard units (450 mm, 600 mm and 900 mm). However, can be cut to fit the width of the module needed.

SKU 3173012
Materials Various
Finishings White painted
Packaging 1 KIT
Width 450
Depth 500
Product data sheet (PDF)
Sketch (PDF)
Assembly instructions (PDF)

Both the bottom and the back are 16 mm thick.

Yes, for example, if we want to assemble a drawer for a module width of 500 mm, we have to use the existing code for the 600 mm module and cut the base and rear panels to the width indicated by the formula. Width of module interior - 19 mm.

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