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The trim lid is an accessory of the Ultrabox drawer whose function is to hide the joints between the sides and its front panel, in order to give a much more aesthetic finish to the drawer. They go perfectly well with all the drawers of this model regardless of their dimensions. It is made of plastic, a durable and easy-to-clean material so it will always keep looking like new. Its gray plastic finish combines very well with different decorations and spaces, such as a bathroom or a kitchen.


1 cover


Pair10 Pair86White painted4004387512
Pair10 Pair86White painted4504387612
Pair10 Pair86White painted5004387712
Pair10 Pair118White painted3504393812
Pair10 Pair118White painted4004387812
Pair10 Pair118White painted4504387912
Pair10 Pair118White painted5004388012
Pair10 Pair150White painted3504394012
Pair10 Pair150White painted4004388112
Pair10 Pair150White painted4504388212
Pair10 Pair150White painted5004388312
Pair10 Pair86Silver painted2704387325
Pair10 Pair86Silver painted3504387425
Pair10 Pair86Silver painted4004387525
Pair10 Pair86Silver painted4504387625
Pair10 Pair86Silver painted5004387725
Pair10 Pair118Silver painted2704393725
Pair10 Pair118Silver painted3504393825
Pair10 Pair118Silver painted4004387825
Pair10 Pair118Silver painted4504387925
Pair10 Pair118Silver painted5004388025
Pair10 Pair150Silver painted2704393925
Pair10 Pair150Silver painted3504394025
Pair10 Pair150Silver painted4004388125
Pair10 Pair150Silver painted4504388225
Pair10 Pair150Silver painted5004388325
LOT1 LOT86Silver painted2703041025
LOT1 LOT86Silver painted3503002725
LOT1 LOT86Silver painted4003041125
LOT1 LOT86Silver painted4503002825
LOT1 LOT86Silver painted5003002925
Unit1 Unit118Silver painted3503003025
Unit1 Unit118Silver painted4003041425
LOT1 LOT118Silver painted4503003125
LOT1 LOT118Silver painted5003003225
LOT1 LOT150Silver painted3503003325
LOT1 LOT150Silver painted4003041725
Unit1 Unit150Silver painted4503003425
LOT1 LOT150Silver painted5003003525
Pair10 PairWhite painted5004393412
Pair10 PairSilver painted4504393525
Pair10 PairSilver painted5004393425
LOT1 LOTSilver painted5003004025

Ultrabox drawer cover plate, Plastic, Grey, for Ultrabox drawer

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