10 PairWhite painted2903275512
10 PairWhite painted3403275612
10 PairWhite painted3903275712
10 PairWhite painted4403275812
10 -White painted4903275912
10 PairAnthracite grey2903275535
10 PairAnthracite grey3403275635
10 PairAnthracite grey3903275735
10 PairAnthracite grey4403275835
10 PairAnthracite grey4903275935

Product features

  • Metal side panel pair for drawers with a height of 122 mm and a depth of 290 mm.
  • Minimalist design that offers great interior space for kitchen, bathroom and household drawers.
  • The front can be adjusted vertically by means of an eccentric of ±2mm and horizontally by ±1.5mm.
  • It is necessary to purchase a pair of Silver runners, not included in the Simplex side panel set. Compatible with Silver runners with full, partial and Push partial pull-out.
  • Pairs include: two side panels and one set of front covers. Made of Steel with White painted finish.

Simplex metal sides are the simplest and most versatile solution to have a metal drawer rib for your kitchen, bathroom or home furniture, without having to do any special machining.

These 122 mm high drawer sides have an elegant design, which offers a large interior width. The drawer front can be adjusted ±2mm vertically by means of an eccentric, as well as ±1.5mm horizontally. In addition, the runners themselves can be adjusted in height. The pairs include: two side panels and a set of front covers. They are made of Steel and painted in Anthracite grey or White.

For assembly it is necessary to purchase the pair of Silver runners, with a choice of partial or total pull-out Silver runners and partial Push runners depending on the customer's needs or requirements. The load capacity will depend on the runners chosen, being 25 kg (partial pull-out) or 30 kg (total pull-out).


1 pair of sides


Pair10 PairZinc plated2403124005
Pair10 PairZinc plated2903124105
Pair10 PairZinc plated3403124205
Pair10 PairZinc plated3903124305
Pair10 PairZinc plated4403124405
Pair10 PairZinc plated4903124505
Pair10 PairZinc plated5403124605
Pair8 PairZinc plated5903124705
Pair10 PairZinc platedLeft/Right2403019005
Pair10 PairZinc platedLeft/Right2903019105
Pair10 PairZinc platedLeft/Right3403019205
Pair10 PairZinc platedLeft/Right3903019305
Pair10 PairZinc platedLeft/Right4403019405
Pair10 PairZinc platedLeft/Right4903019505
Unit20 UnitZinc platedLeft6403147505
Unit20 UnitZinc platedRight6403148105
Unit20 UnitZinc platedLeft6903148205
Unit20 UnitZinc platedRight6903148305
10 PairZinc plated2403123005
10 PairZinc plated2903123105
10 PairZinc plated3403123205
10 PairZinc plated3903123305
10 PairZinc plated4403123405
10 PairZinc plated4903123505

Pair of Simplex drawer sides, height 122mm, depth 290mm, White painted, Steel

3275512 / 8432393320076
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