Hidden rails for Silver drawers: everything you need to know

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There is nothing more irritating that looking for something in a drawer and being unable to even get close to the far end of it. Not being able to see what it holds nor where all your items are is really exasperating and frustrating. It is time to ask yourself to change your designs and offer maximum quality and functionality in the projects you create for your clients. But what if you can also offer them style, design and perfection? If you like the idea, what you need are the Silver hidden drawer guide rails. The most practical, attractive and useful you will find in the market. Come and discover them!

Types of guide rails for drawers

There are different types of guide rails on the market that offer particular features for your designs. The most common of these are:

  • Normal guide

The normal or pulley guides are the most commonly used because they are cheap. You must be careful when using them, because they are only recommended for small drawers and cannot bear much weight. They are not practical for drawers over 600mm long, because they are difficult to open. Besides, they do not fully open, which can be an inconvenience for your clients.

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  • Rail with full extraction

Telescopic rails are also quite common in many project designs. They are firm, safe and ensure that the drawer opens fully, so we can see everything inside. They are perfect for larger units that need to have large, wide drawers that can hold up to 45 kg.

  • Light fully-extracting guide rail

This type of guide is similar to the one we described above, but is available at a much lower price. This is because they cannot bear the same weight. Telescopic rails can take up to 45 kg weight, but light rails can only take up to 35 kg.


  • Hidden guide rails

Finally, there are the hidden or invisible guide rails, which we will explain in more detail below.

Guide rails for drawers. What are hidden rails?

As we saw in the previous section, there are different rails for drawers. Although they all do their job, the most complete option, in every sense, are the hidden guide rails. They can perform all the functions, features and benefits of the others.

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They are elegant, comfortable, invisible and very effective, as well as being able to take large weights.

As their name indicates, they are completely hidden from view when the drawer is opened. While all the other guide rails are visible because they are attached to both sides of the drawers, these are invisible, because they are attached to the bottom of the drawer, which means they offer both full opening and functionality.

Without doubt, this type of guide rail adds the most value to the furniture and therefore to the design, because they do not detract from the look of the whole and are also capable of including a smooth, silent closing mechanism, to absorb impacts or even the touch to open system, that allows you to open the drawer just by touching it and without the need to add knobs or handles.

What are the elements of these hidden guide rails for drawers

The components of these guide rails for drawers mean that they can be assembled quickly and easily on the drawer by using the hook that forms part of the kit.

They are also ideal for any of your designs because they allow you to choose between a variety of sizes and models, and have a three-way regulation system; vertical, horizontal and depth.

They also have a smooth closing system, a blocking pivot, smooth and silent movement thanks to the high-quality steel rollers and the other specifications that you may want to include, such as the complements to add the touch to open system.

Features of the Silver hidden guide rails for drawers

An element as sophisticated and practical as the hidden guide rails have a series of unique features that ensure this. We would like to highlight the following:

Steel parts

The quality of the material that they are made of, steel, ensure a long working life, and that they can bear a lot of weight and resist possible impacts.

Smooth closing

The gentle closing action is a benefit to the whole system and ensures that it can be used for a longer time without losing any of its ease of use or practicality.

Likewise, neither the rails of the drawers nor the material of the drawers themselves will suffer damage. We also obtain a smooth, silent closing action.

Hidden guide rails with full extraction

Another of the main advantages they provide is that they allow you to choose a system offering full extraction so that the contents of a drawer can be seen. This means you can put as much as you need in them and find them easily.

Hidden guide rails with partial extraction

However, if your client wants a different type of access, they can also be satisfied by using hidden guide rails with partial extraction systems. They offer the same benefits and features as the ones above but only allow the drawer to open partially, not completely. All of this, without losing their excellent design and functionality.

Advantages of using hidden guide rails for drawers

Therefore, to sum up, we can highlight the advantages that the use of the Silver hidden guide rails offer:

  • Full opening
  • Smooth movement
  • High weight capacity
  • Long lasting
  • Stability
  • Functionality
  • Full visibility of the drawer contents
  • Design adapted to the decorative scheme
  • Option to include systems like touch to open


You can find everything you need at Emuca. Quality, functionality, design and price. ¡Visit our website!

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