Ultrabox drawers: the best drawers for the kitchen

There are fittings that are simply indispensable and completely necessary from the moment they are launched on the market and their benefits are proven. And that is exactly what happens with Ultrabox kitchen drawers, which have become the best solution for all types of kitchens and bathrooms in any home or family that needs useful, practical, versatile and durable furniture.

The kitchen is a very important place in any home and, therefore, designing it to perfection must be a priority both for you, as a professional, and for your own clients.

At Emuca, as specialists in the sector, we want to highlight the safe bet for these drawers and, for this reason, we are going to explain them in this post.

Go ahead, take note, and make the most of them to give your designs that unique and distinguishing touch that you are looking for.

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Properties and characteristics of the Ultrabox drawer

The Ultrabox kitchen and bathroom drawers are a novelty that consumers value very positively.

It is a steel drawer that consists of two lateral rails and also has locking wheel slides and designed in a metallic grey finishing.

The bottom of the drawer does not require any machining and provides a completely improved attachment capacity of the hitch on the rail. This hitch is already on the rail. The rail has a height dimension of 86 mm and a depth of 350 mm.

Among its major advantages are that it can withstand a maximum load of 25 kg and provides an eccentric adjustment of plus or minus 2 mm vertically.


Ultrabox applications and finishings

There are two different finishings for the Ultrabox drawer, and you can choose the one that best suits the needs of each project you are carrying out; white or painted on aluminum.

At Emuca we offer a wide variety of sizes to choose from, depending on the height, with three different models, 86, 118 or 150. Or with a depth of 270, 350, 400, 450 or 500.

We have thought of everything so that you can select just what you need.

Assembly and installation of the Ultrabox drawer

All Ultrabox kitchen drawer kits come with the necessary hardware for easy, correct and long-lasting assembly and installation.


They include the boards cut to the specific and correct dimensions for the bottom, back and front of the drawer.


Accessories for kitchen drawers

Among the wide variety of kitchen accessories, we offer you the best ones so that you can combine them with the Ultrabox drawers, this way the final result of your project is unique and unequaled and your customers get just what they were looking for.


You can incorporate, for example, the set of rails, also made of steel and in metallic grey with a wide range of possible sizes in depth. The cover caps to give the set a perfect finishing, made in grey plastic, the soft closing system, in white plastic, or even incorporate the soft closing system for T30 slides and Ultrabox 250-300 mm drawer.

The design of the kitchen drawers is very important for the overall result to be a success. They must be spacious, comfortable, efficient, easy to use, silent and durable. However, in addition, the aesthetic issue is also an essential aspect, hence the possibility of being able to choose between two ranges of colors to better adapt them to the space.


Visit Emuca and check all the possibilities we offer you. We have all the fittings you need for an amazing result, and the Ultrabox drawers will become your favorites as soon as you try them out.


Let the experts help you and get your profits to increase at the same time that your customers’ satisfaction is at its maximum.

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