Drawer Slides: All you Need to Know about Telescopic Slides

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In the big, fascinating world of fittings, we can find almost anything we can imagine in order to achieve spectacular results in our projects. But often, in this broad range of possibilities, we might miss some really interesting fittings that could be crucial.

That is the case, for example, of telescopic drawer slides, a discovery that will ensure your clients are completely satisfied thanks to their design, comfort and utility.

That is why at Emuca we have decided to create this practical guide to tell you all about them. So, read on!


Drawer Slides – What are Telescopic Slides?

Telescopic drawer slides are basically fittings that allow drawers to slide all its components in a useful and complete manner. There are different types and models that adapt to each of your projects, based on their load capacity, closure and slide… but the most commonly used are the ones that enable you to fully extract the drawer.

They are very affordable, easy to install and ensure a very long useful life that will reduce any maintenance costs.


Technical Features of Telescopic Slides

Telescopic slides provide extra comfort in comparison to other slides, since they feature a system that allows full extraction through lubricated ball bearings.

They are manufactured using laminated galvanised steel with blue passivation,  which provides great corrosion resistance as well as a great load capacity and, of course, easy and smooth mobility. At Emuca you will find drawers to combine with all types of slides.

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What Elements Comprise these Specific Drawer Slides

Telescopic slides have a very remarkable particularity in their mechanism – they comprise three articulated parts: the part that is attached to the piece of furniture, the part attached to the drawer and the telescopic rail that facilitates the full extraction of the drawer.

They are easy and quick to install, which allows you to work faster and have more time for other aspects of your project.


Drawer Slide Types and Applications

As we mentioned previously, the goal of all fittings offered at Emuca is to ensure the quality of your projects, making them practical and useful so that your clients can see all their needs met and more.

Therefore, there are different types of telescopic slides to choose from, based on our main requirements:

Based on the Internal System.

  • These include standard drawer slides, which are the simplest since they fully open but do not close smoothly or open automatically. Their load bearing capacity is between 20 and 45 kg a pair.
  • Telescopic slides with a break, Soft Close system, provide slow closing which makes them smooth and quiet, while protecting the rest of the unit from failures due to impact.


  • The Push-open system includes an innovative system that facilitates opening by pressing the front of the drawer with no need for handles.


Based on the Load

  • If you require a light load, your choice should be a light telescopic slide which, although it is smaller and thinner, can support a total weight of around 35 kg.
  • However, if the weight is heavier, a heavy telescopic guide will hold a maximum weight of 45 kg, facilitating the full outward opening of the drawer and the full visualisation of the internal contents.


If you are looking for a comfortable, practical, useful and affordable system, look no further than the telescopic slide that best suits the needs of each specific unit you have to assemble.

The results will greatly exceed any expectations and help you make your clients happy with your work. Stop putting it off and ask us for more information. At Emuca, we offer you what you need for your fitting work.

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