New Zero modular shelf unit: everything you need to know

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Versatility, practicality, functionality and looks are essential in all the fittings that Emuca offers our clients. Every project and design must be perfect, but if they also have to adapt to any space, then your success is guaranteed.

That’s why we have created the new modular shelf unit Zero. It is the perfect solution for any space that you are working on. In this post, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about it. So, read on and find out about what will become your favourite modular shelf unit.


The new Zero catalogue comes with modular structures to change everything you are used to

Making your work easier and achieving results better than you expected when you started the project is one of our main goals. So, as our new sensation, we present our Zero catalogue, in which you can discover all the available options with the brand new, practical and versatile Zero modular metal structure. You can use it to do all kind of work and adapt it to the rooms that you are working on, be they are bedrooms, living rooms, kids bedrooms or kitchens

Besides their versatility and modern design, you can take advantage of the many features of these shelf units. Once you’ve seen them, you won’t want to use any other system.

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Features of the Zero modular shelf unit

The Zero modular shelf unit stands out, above all, for how easy it is to assemble. You don’t need any tools at all to adjust it perfectly thanks to the brand-new Zero assembly system, which makes the joint stronger as more weight is put on the shelves.

Besides, each module has a weight capacity of more than 100 kg, which means that you can go ahead and adapt the unit to any function that you want to use it for, whether in the home, changing rooms, offices or shops… Another of their great features is that the different components are totally compatible with each other  so that you can make a perfect combination. You can use wooden shelves, or glass, railings for hanging clothes, large or small modules…

There are different fastening systems, depending on how you want to put it together. They can be fixed it to the wall, the floor, the ceiling or a combination of all of these.

Components of the Zero shelf units

The Zero modular shelf unit is, as we have said, fully adaptable to the space, the room and the demands of each project.  That is why each component kit that you need to create your perfect combination will come with a range of accessories and fittings.

The basic elements are the uprights, which are made of aluminium, finished in textured black paint, and all the fastening accessories and supports in zamak.

Depending on the design that you have in mind, you can select some kits or others, such as the kits for an L-shaped assembly, the  support kits for wooden shelves and 1 module, the Zero kits for wooden shelves and railings, fastening levellers, profiles and fasteners…

Modular structures are always a very helpful option when you want to achieve your desired results with different designs, but when you are talking about Zero shelf units, your success is guaranteed beyond all doubt. They offer a huge range of possible designs and solutions to make assembly easier and provide all the advantages that you have been looking for for the different areas where you are working.


The use of wood or glass, depending on the situation, means that the shelves will adapt and blend into many different areas and produce results that are adapted and suited to the rest of the decoration. And, of course, the quick and easy assembly system ensures that this shelf unit is the perfect solution.

Visit our website, try our Zero shelf unit and discover your new favouring shelf unit! At Emuca, we make it easy for you.

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