Improve the lighting in your wardrobe with Castor and Polux products

iluminación de un vestidor

A good dressing room is what many of your clients want. After all, it is delightful to have a generous, well-defined and organized space. To make sure your projects live up to expectations, you have to take the lighting in the dressing room into account. Otherwise, all your hard work will be wasted.

Keep on reading, and we will explain everything.

The importance of good lighting in a dressing room

Natural light is undoubtedly the best way to light a dressing room. However, as we all know, there are times of day when there is not enough sunlight. This is usually early in the morning and late in the evening, which is when we generally use our dressing room the most.

This is the reason why having good artificial indoor lighting is essential. We need to see all the clothes in the wardrobe, and prevent the appearance of shadowed areas where your clients cannot see clearly.

Besides the lack of natural light, the lighting in the dressing room is important because of how practical, comfortable and easy it makes things. It provides a sense of space, clarity and order to the area.

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How to install LED lights in a wardrobe

The lighting in the dressing room will vary according to the type of concrete. The number of shelves, bars or drawers it contains, as well as the size, width and height.

There will be lights in the ceiling, but it is essential to light the wardrobe from inside. We can add warm, neutral and clear lights to improve our visibility. Nor should we forget about LED strips. These offer good visibility, and help to keep electricity bills low, and they do not dazzle.

Lighting a dressing room with led strips

Emuca specializes in all types of fittings, and we have different types of LED lights for wardrobes. They are practical, comfortable, simple and very useful.


First of all, we should highlight the Castor led strip. This is a wardrobe strip of 408 to 558 mm with adjustable LED lighting. It is made of aluminium, in Moka colour, with a motion sensor that can detect when the client comes within 1.5 metres of the part of the dressing room that they want to see. Once they leave the area, the LED light will turn off automatically after 15 seconds without movement.

It is powered by a removable battery, which can be recharged using a USB cable without removing the strip, which means that the space can be kept clean and tidy without cables running around.
Wireless installation is easy thanks to the side supports and screws that are included. There are 30 LEDs in each strip with a temperature of 4000k, natural white light and 0.6w of power.


The dressing room lighting  with the Polux wardrobe bar is spectacular. It provides all the options that your clients need. It also has a motion sensor that turns on in the presence of a person within 1.5 metres and turns off automatically after 45 seconds without detecting movement. It has a total of 32 LEDs and a natural white colour temperature of 4000k and a luminous flux of 125 lm.

It runs on 2.6W and is classified as A for energy consumption. It is available in matt anodised aluminium and is ideal for adapting to the space where it is to be installed.

The benefits of good lighting in a dressing room

The lighting in a wardrobe or dressing room must be clear and is essential if we are to make the most of the available space. Good LED strips or light points that are properly fitted offer better visibility of the contents, increase the visual space and make it possible to store clothes, footwear and other accessories correctly. This certainly helps to optimize the time that your clients spend changing their clothes, especially if it is installed in a specific place in a house, but also if it is installed in a store.


Lighting offers usefulness, style, elegance, comfort and ease of use. Taking time to carefully plan where to place the different types of LED strips, fittings or panels that Emuca offers you will result in a unique and exclusive design that your clients will love.

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