LED strips: latest novelties

LED Strip Emuca furniture

LED strips are revolutionising the world of lighting at home, thanks to the latest novelties that achieve a functional, decorative or ambient lighting. And for this, at Emuca we offer you the best accessories for lighting integrated in the furniture, with the latest technology in COB LED strips, sensors and connectors, in addition of new profiles in a kit format for your compositions.

Lynx Premium COB LED strip (24V DC)

Discover the new Lynx Premium COB LED designed with a continuous line known as Chip On Board, that provides a uniform and without LED dots lighting.

This the perfect solution to create continuous and uniform lines, with surface mounted or recessed aluminium profiles. It is also especially flexible and resistant, which allows for greater curvature when installing it.

Th COB LED stripe stands out for its high luminance and light continuity, available in natural white and warm white light. It has high power, a protection rating of IP20 and a working voltage of 24V DC that requires a converter. Supplied in continuous rolls of 5 m cuttable every 55.5 mm with a 3M 300LSE double-sided tape.

Lynx Z connectors

We introduce the new Lynx Z connectors designed to join Lynx LED strips, with a solid and strong joint, thanks to its metal connectors. They are characterized by their small dimensions to join 8 mm wide LED strips , ideal for use in conjunction with Lynx W profiles. They also feature a clear finish to minimize light output reduction.

We have a cable for the 12V DC LED strips with an AMP connection and another cable for the 24V DC LED strips with Miniled connection, both cables with a length of 1.5 m. And to join LED strips we incorporate the Lynx Z joining accessory.

Lynx Z Sensors

The new Lynx Z sensors add functionality to your LED strip installations as a switch or detector. They have a built-in connector that allows for a quick, easy and secure connection. They are characterized by their small dimensions to join 8 mm wide LED strips , ideal for use along with Lynx W profiles.

The Lynx Z Motion  sensor for LED strips turns on when the user is within its detection range and turns off after 30 seconds.

While the Lynx Z touch sensor for LED strip turns on or off with a short press, it increases or decreases the light intensity with a long press. In addition, it has a mechanical switch to turn on or off the blue beacon LED on or off in case you do not want to have it on.

Both work with 12V DC and 24V DC LED strips. They include a 1.5 m long cable with AMP connection for the 12V DC LED strips. they also have an additional cable with Miniled connection for the 24V DC LED strips.

Lynx profiles in a kit

The new profiles in a kit are designed to create integrated lamps in the furniture with Lynx LED strips. It is the best solution for easy lighting installations with aluminium profiles.

We have three Lynx profile kits, recessed flat, surface and tilted mounted with matt silver finish and with a length of 2.35 m.

We also incorporate two Lynx W recessed and surface mounted profile kits, of a small size for 8 mm wide LED strips. And we offer it in two finishes, in matt silver and black with a length of 2.35 m.

LED Strip Emuca furniture

Current transformer for LED lights (12V DC)

An essential complement for your installation are the current transformers for your LED lights. Their dimensions must be reduced to be able to hide them in the furniture. That’s why we’ve improved our 12V DC transformers of 30W and 50W power for LED lights with an extra flat design.

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