Designing made to measure wardrobes: fittings and accessories that you will need

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Designing made to measure wardrobes is a painstaking process in which you have to respond to all the demands that clients have expressed in their project request.

You will have to take various factors into account when you are actually making the design, such as comfort, how functional it is and how good it looks. You will also need to know how much inner and outer space you have so that you can integrate the wardrobes in the room where they are to go.

At Emuca, as specialists in fittings and accessories, we have prepared this post to help you and to give you some ideas that you can use when designing a perfect customised wardrobe. So read on and discover the most important elements that you cannot afford to leave out.

Your work will be excellent and your customers will be satisfied and delighted with your work. No doubt about it!

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Function is a vital aspect when designing a wardrobe

A made-to-measure wardrobe is the solution to many space problems that you can come across when working on your projects. And they can also allow you to create optimal organisation, looks and design. But to offer a perfect result, you must always keep function in mind.

The unit must be easy to use and functional when you open and close the doors or use the different shelves or drawers. The best way to do this is by using different fittings, such as the MOKA removable wardrobe hanger. It makes it much easier to choose the garment you want, or the MOKA removable lateral tie rack. You will find the most practical and functional solutions for whatever you may need on our website.

Including this type of fittings and accessories, you will also be giving your wardrobe a modern look.

Sliding systems: perfect for wardrobe design

Space is another of the essential points to consider when designing wardrobes. The best way to expand the space available is to use sliding systems. They increase visibility, light and space both inside and outside. They must be lightweight and they can be included in many different ways, with the Space + sliding system, for example, or the Twofold system for folding sliding doors.

Once again, this addition will make your design more modern, with a minimalist touch that the users will love.


Fittings and accessories to improve your wardrobe designs.

The MOKA fittings are your true allies when you are designing wardrobes to measure. By including them in the design, you will be able to increase the space inside and make them more functional and comfortable.

Besides all that we have said so far, we should also highlight, for example, the MOKA removable trouser rack, the MOKA removable shoe rack and the MOKA removable interior mirror. These are great solutions for your designs that will help you to get better results in your customised wardrobe and cupboard designs.

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The importance of lighting in wardrobe design

Lighting is an essential, basic and fundamental part of any wardrobe design that you make, whether you use fixed LEDs, light fittings, adjustable bars, spotlights or strips.

It is important to be able to see properly inside a wardrobe, and every hidden angle, because this is a large part of the comfort, function and look and the design will be much better than you would expect.

You will therefore make more use of the inside space, making the most of all the components, fittings and accessories that you have added to the wardrobe.

So, there you have it! Remember what we have explained in this post to make sure that your wardrobe designs are perfect: functional, practical, modern and illuminated. Ensure your success by using the MOKA accessories that we can offer you. Visit our website and offer your clients the very best designs.

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