How to design a modern, practical and fitted kitchen

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When designing a kitchen, there is no room for error, since it is undoubtedly the nerve centre of any home. Many hours are spent there, many dishes are cooked, and breakfast, lunch or dinner is eaten, whether alone, in stages or with the family.

A practical kitchen is one of the main requirements for any customer, although, they will also be looking for design, comfort, economy and functionality. So finding the perfect combination between all of these things is a fascinating challenge to solve.

From Emuca, we are going to give you the keys to achieve a spectacular result.

Go for it!

Practical and modern kitchen, where do I start?

Whatever project you have in mind, planning and organisation are key. Remember that although aesthetics are important, you should always prioritise functionality and comfort. So organise everything in advance and then style it.

So take your time and follow the steps below:

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Distributing the space in advance, will allow you to anticipate any mistakes.

Select well where the electrical appliances will be, from there, distribute the rest of the elements that will make up the design of the modern kitchen you are going to create.

Always think about the practicality of each available space to achieve an unbeatable result.

Plan your design based on the ‘working triangle’ – and remember that the sum of the 3 sides must not exceed 8 metres and that, separately, they cannot be less than approximately 1.20 metres.

The ‘working triangle’ divides the space into the cooking area with stove, oven and microwave, the washing area with sink and dishwasher, and the storage area with the fridge, freezer and dry goods storage area.

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Furniture is another indispensable element for a practical, comfortable, tidy and functional kitchen. So while designing, think about the small details, optimising all the space and using fittings that provide superior storage and convenience. Use Vertex drawers, which allow great space optimisation and are a perfect storage solution for your kitchen.

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Another essential aspect in the design of economic fitted kitchens, or designer or modern is lighting.

It is vital to plan well where the lighting points will be located, since they will allow you to make each space more useful. So think carefully about the lighting design the kitchen needs. Use LED lights that are neither too cold nor too warm. And you can even use them to create different atmospheres.

Storage as an essential element to achieve a functional kitchen.

Storage is key for a practical kitchen. So ensure that the entire space is optimised including furniture that makes the most of every space and every corner, including walls and ceilings.

7 tips for a practical and modern kitchen

From Emuca, as specialists in all types of fittings, we want to give you some key tips so you can easily design a practical and functional kitchen. Because your success is our greatest reward.

– Don’t forget about natural lighting. Take advantage of it as much as you can.
– Also, create light points that illuminate all the storage spaces and all the work areas as well.
– Think about practicality, comfort and functionality and, once this is clear on your mind, find the furniture that best suits the style and budget of your clients.
– Leave free worktops to facilitate the work
– Select resistant and easy to clean materials.
– Use ceilings and walls to maximise all available space
– Think about how you use your kitchen and which are your primary needs.

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