Furniture fittings: how to increase the storage space in the kitchen

herrajes para muebles de cocina

The kitchen is the room in the house where families spend the most time either cooking, eating or chatting. Everyone always ends up there, even when there are visitors.

That is why it is so important to make sure that it is practical, useful, functional and tidy. Using the right kitchen unit fittings  is essential.

A minimalist kitchen, in which all the utensils are out of sight and where the work space is totally clear, is a great look that customers love.

Offering the best storage solutions for a kitchen is the best way to ensure that your customers are totally satisfied.


Fittings for kitchen units: the key to making spaces more functional

K are the solution to any problem. Whether it is because there is not much space available, or to increase the working space in the kitchen, they will help you to achieve exactly what you are looking for.

The goal is to create a working space in which the storage space is vital, so any well-designed space will help to achieve it.

You can add multi-purpose shelves, folding tables, convertible fittings and sliding modules that will only be visible when you are going to use them.

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Kitchen fittings for ceiling and walls

Small kitchens are a fact of life for many, so you must be able to make the most of any space available. Walls and ceilings therefore provide great places for solutions that can help you. We can install many different kinds of kitchen fittings, such as magnetic knife racks, upper drawers, retractable cupboards, cladding, multi-use and multi-purpose suspended shelves, extendible surfaces, drawers with nested components…

There are infinite possibilities with kitchen fittings that can help to take full advantage of the available space, so you can make the most of your kitchen.


Interior kitchen fittings: how to organise your cupboards and drawers

Defining the interior of your cupboards and drawers is also the best solution for improving your storage capacity. To achieve this, you can resort to using cutlery organisers, dispensers, bottle racks, plate racks, auxiliary trolleys, columns, internal recycling bins and corner units that can help to add a little bit more space.

herrajes muebles de cocina

Kitchen drawers that help you to arrange your designs

Every design is unique and has to respond to the specific needs of each project. At Emuca we can offer the best drawers you can find, made with the highest quality and designed to ensure that you can have the most practical storage in the kitchen.

We offer you various drawer fittings that include opening and closing mechanisms and different styles. They will ensure that you get the best results. For example, there is our Kit Vertex, 178mm high and with dividers included, or 93 mm, the Ultrabox drawer, the Vantage- Q with its push system, or soft- closing, or the different Concept models, which are exterior drawers with a maximum capacity of 30 kg  and which are available in various heights; 105 mm, 138 mm or 185 mm. They are perfect for any space in the kitchen that you are designing. But we can also offer you the same models with greater load-bearing capacity, able to withstand up to 50 kg weight.

All these drawers will allow you to include any accessory that you consider suitable. The same series has a wide range of possibilities to help you achieve the results you are looking for.


At Emuca we can offer you a wide variety of kitchen fittings so that you can offer the best solutions in your projects. Your customers will be amazed and fascinated by your proposals, so visit our website and discover all the options at your disposal!

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