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How to make the most of the space of your kitchen. In the following post we give you ideas to make the most of the space in small kitchens.

We show you how to optimize them and get more out of your kitchen or anywhere else you chose.

Enjoy the new Atim extendable and sliding tables that we incorporated. Make the most of any space at home, large or small. Find out which one is yours.

Extendable tables:

Add an additional surface or table where you need it, like support work surfaces or extendable tables where you can cook or enjoy an evening. 

SHOT: Get an additional kitchen table or work surface. Very useful while preparing food or enjoying an aperitif

OPLÀ TOP: With a simple gesture, you can quickly pull-out a work surface and position it at the same level as the countertop.

OPLÀ FOLDING+39: Designed for any environment, living room, bedroom, office, etc. The table is positioned at the same level as the surface you want to expand. The system becomes integrated since the mechanism is hidden by the structure itself.



LUNCH: Pull-out a hidden table from a drawer space. Very useful in small kitchens with little space.

LUNCH+39: Hide an extendable table in any room since only a minimum depth of 390 mm is required.

PARTY: Large capacity extendable table with integrated telescopic double leg. You’ll get a 1,380 mm long folding table.

Sliding tables:

Solutions to expand your island, peninsula, or linear surface with smooth linear or diagonal sliding. System intended for the kitchen, although it can also be used in other rooms of the house.

CORNER: Move the table diagonally to increase the surface of your island or peninsula.

TWICE TOP: Sliding table designed for your kitchen island. With a simple gesture, slide it out and you will get an auxiliary table to enjoy your breakfast or lunch.

SESTANTE: Sliding and 180º rotating table for installation on a kitchen island or on a linear surface. Composed of an adjustable leg, a carriage, and guides system, this gives an extra wide surface area.

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