3 Trends in bedroom wardrobe design

armarios para dormitorios

The bedroom is the place at home where we must feel calm, relaxed and comfortable. Sleeping is one of the most natural processes that we perform, and it must be pleasant and regenerative to enable us to face the new day with maximum energy.


Clients spend a long time thinking about what their bedroom should look like, but specially, about how their wardrobes should be. It’s just that comfort, practicality and organisation will depend absolutely on them.

To this end, it’s fundamental for you to be aware of all the options that are available to you to create a proper wardrobe design before you start the project proposal. And also to be clear about the trends that will emerge over the coming year in order to make sure that your clients are delighted with the outcome.

At Emuca we have prepared this article so you can be in tune with all the latest  trends.


Custom-built wardrobes, what are going to be the trends in 2021?

The main trend, which in addition is never outdated, regarding wardrobe design, is that comfort and functionality most be the main premise. But, also, we’ll tell you something else so you can hit the mark and achieve what your clients are looking for.

Nueva llamada a la acción

Minimalism is gaining ground in wardrobe design,

2021 brings the need to create spaciousness, order and peace in the bedrooms. For this, wardrobe design for bedrooms requires a good analysis on the needs of each family.

Quality materials and options that perfectly conceal everything on the inside, which is the choice of the clients.


Custom-built wardrobes are increasingly sought after

Without a doubt, custom-built wardrobes are becoming the favourite consumer option. By creating them step by step, taking into account  client needs, we achieve a useful, practical and functional wardrobe.

Thus, we can include all types of drawers, fittings and accessories that optimise  space and obtain the maximum possible efficiency.


Sliding doors gain space easily

 Sliding doors are here to stay since their installation and use ensure more space, that can provide better access to all the corners in the wardrobe and a more global visualisation of the interior. In addition, they offer the possibility to use different types of fittings for wardrobes, and contribute to a much more elegant design.

Combining colours and finishes

For 2021, it is expected that colour trends are going to be old-fashioned combined with modernity.

Naval blue, called the “new black” will be the ideal choice for an elegant and modern touch for the room. Its combination with chrome elements will be the icing on the cake to achieve a spectacular finish.

But, for those clients who don’t want to go withon this colour, the combination of white with light coloured woods will be the most requested option. The new year promises to be marked by environmental protection and the preference for organic and ecological things, and what better way to evoke this at home than using natural materials that remind us of nature.


Necessary fittings for wardrobe design in 2021

The essential fittings for wardrobe design will be, without a doubt, those that ensure comfort, tranquillity and functionality, as well as space optimisation and ease of organisation.

Some fittings that should be included in all your projects are;


–       Foldable hangers: that provide easy and convenient access to all your hanging garments,enabling you to select your garments more easily.


–       Shoe Drawer: enables your shoes to be kept in an orderly fashion and on display, enabling you to choose the ones you want at a glance. The pull-out shoe drawers are also a highly valued option.


–       Organiser drawer:  To have access to all those complements that usually are more difficult to find and select.


In addition of those described, you should know that you can also include pull-out trouser holders, pull-out mirrors, tie holders, belt holders, interior drawers with the push system which is noiseless and with fittings that protect them from impacts…


So, there you have it! Create a perfect wardrobe design, trendy, functional and comfortable to make sure that that your clients are more than satisfied with your work. At Emuca we provide everything you can possibly need for your projects, so, visit our website!

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