Different types of furniture slides you can use in your projects

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In each and every one of the projects you have to carry out, you will have to take into account, before starting, which are your clients’ needs. And comfort, practicality and convenience are also essential when it comes to furniture.

This is why you should carefully choose the furniture slides that you will use for each design, so that your clients’ satisfaction with the final result is as high as possible.

At Emuca we are specialists in the manufacture and commercialization of hardware, and we want to explain to you the different types of slides that you can use, and which are their main features.


Different types of furniture slides

There are different types of furniture slides on the market that will help you to meet all your customers’ requirements. On our website, you can find as many as you need, manufactured with the highest quality and the best materials. Do not hesitate to contact us to find the ones that best suit each piece of furniture.


Full-extension slide with brake lock

In this case, this type of furniture slides provides a total extraction of the drawers in a smooth and silent way, since they have a lock with a brake that stops knocks. They are perfect for any type and size of drawer and their installation is also very simple.

They are recommended for large pieces of furniture, as they have a fairly high load capacity.


Telescopic slide

This type of slide is one of the most commonly used today. It has a smooth slide that allows the drawer to be pulled out completely so that you can see everything inside the drawer.

It is perfect for homes with small children, as it prevents the drawer from sliding completely out of position and falling out.

Within the telescopic slide options, you can find two different models: those that support more load, up to approximately 45 kg, or the light ones, which hold up to 35 kg.


Concealed slides

Hidden slides for furniture are another great option that you can consider for your designs. And, as their name suggests, they are hidden and not visible, which provides a much more beautiful aesthetic. They are attached to the bottom part of the drawers and allow a total and complete opening.

In addition, you can incorporate the soft damping system, the touch open system, to avoid having to use handles and a light closing system.

Ball-bearing slides

Among the most commonly used furniture slides are ball-bearing slides. They are available with full or partial extension and can be fitted with a piston to provide a soft closing action. Among our selection you will find a multitude of ball-bearing slides for drawers made of steel, which are of high quality and easy to assemble and operate.

In addition, you can choose them with soft closing to avoid knocks and noises when opening and closing drawers.


PUSH system

Finally, it is worth mentioning the furniture slides of full-extension PUSH system. This is without a doubt a current trend in furniture design and guarantees a cleaner, more elegant and impressive aesthetic to each piece.

It provides a smooth and silent full-extension without handles. The drawer opens with a single touch.

It can be used in all types of furniture and installation is not complicated. In addition, it increases the total depth of the furniture in which it is incorporated by almost 1 cm.

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By incorporating the type of furniture slides that best suits your customers’ needs, your designs will be the best solution for them. So plan your project well and get the best hardware that you can find on our website to make your customers happy!

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