Why Adjustable Furniture Legs are a Trend in Office Environments

Por qué las patas regulables para muebles son tendencia en oficinas

Generally, the place where we spend  most of our time is the workplace. We get up, go to our office, even eat there, and after we finish our work, we go back home or get on with the rest of our daily routines. Work hours are usually 8 hours, but in some cases, they can be a lot longer.

Thus, it is vital that the space where people work is comfortable, ergonomic and practical.  And, without a doubt, your projects must be focused on fulfillinging all these requirements for your clients.

Adjustable legs have become a vital requirement in offices, since, as their name indicates, they allow the user to adjust the height of the furniture to adapt it to their needs.

At Emuca, as experts in fittings, we dedicate this article to explaining all you need to know, so your projects can provide the maximum benefits.

The New Generation of Workspaces – What are they Currently Like?

With the Covid-19 pandemic, teleworking has become very common and frequent. Some even claim that many of those that started working from home may never return to their workplace.

Therefore, it is inevitable to assume that workspaces have changed and that we, as professionals, must adapt to the new needs and demands of our clients.

Nowadays, workspaces have become broad, clear, ergonomic, practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Bringing all these requirements together in one project requires good planning and a vast knowledge of all the available options.


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Thus, at Emuca, we want to keep you up to date with all the latest trending fittings so you can apply them to your projects.

Nueva llamada a la acción

Why is it Necessary to Choose Adjustable Legs for Office Furniture?

Each profession has its own needs and requirements for work tasks and, dependingon the space dedicated to them, different elements will be needed.

Adjustable legs are no longer a mere aesthetic matter. Instead they are a basic need to improve the user’s comfort. Multi-purpose rooms, for example, are shared spaces used for working but also for resting. Therefore, including furniture with these types of fittings can be really practical. An example would be our Fitwid adjustable furniture legs.

Moreover, some professions require telescopic legs to improve the work place. Such is the case of architecture and design, among others…

When designing a comfortable, functional workspace that adapts to your needs, you cannot overlook a good combination of office furniture fittings that will make this the ideal place to perform your professional work.


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Types of Adjustable Office Space Furniture Legs

There is a broad range of adjustable furniture legs models that you can choose from based on the desired height, the type of furniture, the colour, whether it is fixed or moveable and the aesthetic you want to project.

At Emuca, we offer you an extensive assortment so you can select whichever best adapts to each of your designs. For example, the 60 mm adjustable table leg, with integrated breaks and wheels, in metal grey.

Or the 60 mm fixed model available with different finishes.

Achieving the best results in each and every one of your projects is within your reach, either by incorporating adjustable legs into your furniture or including all types of fittings that improve and increase the ergonomic and aesthetic of each space you are creating.


In the end, your work is focused on improving life for your clients, offering them the best solutions and managing to satisfy them to such extent that they come to you when they need a similar task done again.

So visit our website and discover all we have to offer so you can create innovative spaces that are perfectly in tune with comfort and aesthetics.

And of course, if you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us! We are here to help you solve any doubts you may have.

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