Pull-out trouser rack and other wardrobe accessories for your customized designs.

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A good wardrobe is the perfect solution to make the most of the space, optimize time and gain in organisation and comfort. And that, when a client requests a made to measure wardrobe, should be the main objective to pursue.

In Emuca, as a company specialised in all types of fittings, we are going to explain below to you, the resources available to you to achieve this

Go ahead, succeed in all your projects!

The keys to design a made to measure wardrobe

To be able to design a made to measure wardrobe that meets all the customer requirements, you should take into account the following key points:


  • Planning

Before starting the project, you should know very well the measurements of the room in which you are going to work, the measurements of the space where you are going to install the wardrobe and the aesthetic requirements to be incorporated.

You should also know if its going to be for a man, woman or a child, if its going to be a shared wardrobe or not, and the use of the same… The more information you have, the more guarantee for a spectacular result

But, in addition, it is essential that you take into account the exterior and interior lighting of the wardrobe. Because even if you design a very practical and comfortable wardrobe, if it does not have good lighting that illuminates the different areas it will no longer be functional.

  • Organisation and design

A preliminary design of the wardrobe is fundamental. To do this, you should start by segmenting the inner available space by areas. And each one designed, organised and optimised to be able to include the specific garments to be stored.

You can use different types of wardrobe hanging rails, fixed or pull-out, accessories to provide comfort, shoe racks also fixed or pull-out and, of course, shelves at the correct heights to make a practical wardrobe.

  • Space optimization

On this point, you should take advantage of each centimetre of each area you designed for maximum comfort and optimisation. Include pull-out hanger rails, trouser racks, tie racks… and everything necessary to prevent clothes from creasing, getting damaged or placed in a way that it does not allow easy access.

  • Exterior design

Of course, it is essential to take into account the exterior design. Depending on the space and the customer’s preferences, you can opt to use sliding doors, hinged doors or even integrate them to the decoration of the room.

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Pull-out trouser rack: make your own custom designs and optimise space

One of the accessories that will add the most value to your design is the use of a pull-out trouser rack. Undoubtedly, it is the great ally that any wardrobe may need to avoid wrinkles, to make full use of the available space and, in addition, the pull-out design will allow everything to be in view and obtain a maximised organisation and comfort.

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Pull-out trouser rack and other accessories for a functional wardrobe

In addition to the trouser rack, there are other wardrobe accessories that will help you achieve a unique, practical and functional design.

It is essential to take advantage of all the available space and, in addition, doing so while achieving the customer comfort.

Use hanging rails, integrated and pull-out shoe racks, sliding hangers, sliding tie racks and shelves, these will allow your clients to enjoy an ideal design for their everyday comfort.

In Emuca we provide all the fittings that you need to make your made to measure wardrobe exactly like what you have in mind. So don’t hesitate to consult our website and let yourself be advised by the most useful, practical and high quality accessories on the market.

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