Create or renew your work space at home


Do you know how important it is to have a pleasant and comfortable work space? We will show you a range of products that you can use to create a new workspace or renovate the one you have.

We will use the following space to show you a range of products that you can use to create a new workspace or renovate the one you have.

Renovate your Home Office with the new additions to Vertikal multiconnectors, “Always hidden”, to keep your power cables and USB connectors to hand and built into the unit. Choose the one that suits you best.

  • Vertikal Push 60. To access the USB connectors, you only need to press the stainless steel surface to make both USB connectors accessible. If you later need to use the outlets, pull the block upwards to make them accessible.
  • Vertikal Push 100. It stands out for the simultaneous extension of the connections block (socket and USB connectors) with a single push in the top part of the connector. The top cover comes in a matt black finishing. 
  • Vertikal Flat 60. The outlet and the USB connector are hidden behind a flat stainless steel cover that slides for better access.

All Vertikal outlet power strips are completely hidden when not in use.

We must not forget the Atom, Vertikal, Airtop Multiconnectors and the Plugy USB connectors, the latter designed for tight spaces where a smaller machining of the unit is required.


Keep your work space tidy with the following products, such as our keyboard tray guides and built-in keyboards tray, as well as a support for your PC.

Make sure your cables are organised with our range of cable guides, which offer a great result for very little work. Different designs, sizes and finishes for cable guides, use this link and choose the one you like best.

Pasacables Quadrum

Our range of table legs, with a range of diameters and others with round or square bases for more original tables. You can choose the ones which best suit your office design.

pata de mesa

Kuma LED lamps, ideal for your office space, flexible, modern looking, easy to install, with built-in touch switch that lets you regulate the brightness with a longer touch.

Besides lighting up your work space, it also has 2 USB sockets in the base to make it easier to charge your devices. You can choose between a circular or square model.

lampara kuma
lampara Kuma

Finally, we present the Concepta system, which contains a folding system that keeps the doors out of sight by sliding them into the side panels, offering full access to the work area when you are working, and concealing it when you have finished.

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