Emuca hinges: functionality and perfection

Emuca hinges are fittings that have evolved impressively from their first vestiges to the present day. Always under the same essence of allowing the opening of a leaf, but with remarkable changes and improvements. From windows to doors to a small jewellery drawer: hinges have always been necessary to make them work, albeit often from a hidden perspective. There is always a great design and manufacturing work behind each one. At Emuca we want to show you how we make our hinges. You can‘t imagine what goes on behind the making of a simple, everyday, everyday product. We guarantee that it is very interesting, especially to appreciate the effort that goes into each one.
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The design behind an Emuca hinge

Emuca cup hinges, which are currently the most popular on the market, consist of a much more advanced design mechanism than the common book-type hinges, providing the door with a comfortable operation and enhancing the people’s experience. This type of hinge is generally used in kitchen furniture, bathrooms, and most modern manufactured shelving. They consist of a regular piece of steel that differs from the others by containing numerous parts inside. The name that characterises it is due to the cup design found on the part that is fixed on the inside, which greatly aids its excellent grip and strength. The part that is placed on the door is called the arm, and can be found with various types of angles that give the possibility of being able to install it in different contexts and space requirements. Importantly, these hinges can also be adjusted for more precise adjustment and customisation, resulting in much better performance. The design in this type of hinge denotes a great effort to achieve excellence in every product we offer to our customers. For this reason, Emuca hinges have an outstanding performance and durability.

Emuca hinge types: cup hinges

As mentioned above, the arm can have different angles to allow installation in different situations. What changes is that the door can cover the entire edge of the furniture or only a fraction of it, sharing it with another parallel door. That is why there are straight, semi-curved and curved hinges, but it is also worth noting that they can be found with varying diameters and openings among the wealth of models. Here are the most common types of Emuca cup hinges that you can buy to give any piece of furniture an exceptional performance.

Straight Hinge

The straight cup hinge has an arm with an angle designed so that when closed it covers the entire edge of the furniture. In this way the door hides this area, creating a clean finish. Its use is the most massive, both for kitchen furniture and for bathrooms and pantries where there will be no doors that share the same board to be installed.

Semi-curved hinge

The angle of this hinge has the particularity that when it closes, the door panel only covers half of the edge of the furniture. This, in turn, allows two doors to share the same panel on which the door cups are installed. These are widely used in adjoining kitchen units where there are multiple hinged doors that share an edge. In some cases they are also used to create a special finish on furniture, but this is not the most common. It is worth noting that the arm has a small protrusion to achieve the correct angle to allow the board to be shared and to have a smooth and unobstructed opening.

Curved hinge

These are the least used, as although they are very useful, the different contexts in which they are required are not so frequent. The angle of the arm is more accentuated, preventing the door panel from hiding part of the edge when closing.

Advantages of Emuca cup hinges

The advantages are numerous thanks to their shape and manufacturing materials, which is why they are so popular and in demand for furniture installation.
  • They are durable and strong hinges, with excellent performance even when the door may be heavy.
  • Fitting is an extremely important option for an optimal finish of the different pieces of furniture.
  • Among the versatility of models and types you can find the right one for any occasion without any inconvenience.
  • Their prices are not at all high for all the advantages they offer compared to other types of hinges.
  • The mechanism allows the doors to close by themselves with a gentle push.

Emuca cup hinges

The operation of Emuca hinges speaks for itself, just by watching our video that shows the process you can know everything that happens, so that our customers can get the best in their furniture.

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