Vertex drawer, a wide variety of solutions for your projects

Each project is unique, different and has to fulfil the precise needs of each client.

The design of any furniture must be consciously devised and designed so that the result of all our work is the best that can be expected. Solving all the requirements of our clients will help us to achieve success, and at the same time this will provide the trustworthiness that clients are looking for, and will gain their loyalty.

For this reason, at Emuca we offer all the drawer fittings you need for your projects. Since your success is our primary goal.

The Vertex drawer and all its varieties will be your best ally as soon as you discover all the possibilities they offer, as they will let you work your magic and fulfil and exceed your client’s expectations.

Go ahead! Make your job easier and make your clients feel more than satisfied!


Vertex drawer properties

The Vertex drawer is devised, designed and created to make maximum use of the interior of any furniture or available space.

In addition, it’s stylised and elegant straight lines will give an unique touch to the surroundings, creating a sophisticated, practical, comfortable and functional atmosphere.

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You will be able to incorporate the model you need to your projects, choosing from the four available heights (83, 93, 131 and 178 mm), as well as use the different formats that guarantee the quality and the success of the results with all the drawer fittings that we place at your disposal.


Vertex drawer components

Thanks to drawer slides, featuring three telescopic parts with a reduced height which are incorporated, the vertex drawers have great stability and, in addition, they have a capacity of up to 40 kg. They also have a soft close mechanism and a cushioned extraction stop that guarantees the long service life of the drawer and all its components.

The whole set, in the different models, is easy, fast, comfortable and safe to assemble, and this is in part thanks to the integrated connectors on the side profiles, providing greater mobility.  These side profiles are made of steel sheets painted with epoxy and dimensioned for a bottom and back board thickness of 16 mm.

Vertex drawer applications and finishes

The Vertex drawer is supplied as a kit that includes all the fittings required for exterior drawers.

Our new features include total extraction push slides that can be opened by pressing the front without the need of a handle. They are available in satin white finish or anthracite-grey with different drawer depths.

Interior drawers are other of the most requested models, since they are a wonder to behold. They are concealed, thanks to the connectors, profile and front rails. They are available in satin white finish or anthracite-grey. They also provide the ease of being able to optimise any available space, mainly in pot-and-pan drawers, for example.


More fittings for Emuca drawers

But, as mentioned above, every project is unique and different, as are the clients. And precisely for this reason, at Emuca we offer a great variety of drawer slides, fittings … and everything that you will need to start your project and with the maximum quality, efficiency and functionality guarantee. For example, the anti-tilt lock stop, the total extraction Silver Slides with soft close, push or wheels.,or the different types of connectors or side rails you may need.

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