Recycling furniture by changing its fittings

It is necessary and satisfying to give your home furniture a new look. But this does not mean that you have to replace it with new furniture to achieve this effect. With just a few adjustments and tweaks, a substantial change can be made. In that sense, recycling furniture is new, sustainable and important. And it can be done with something as simple as replacing old fittings. This is applicable when you have a piece of furniture that cannot be placed in a certain room. And if it has a different style, you have to make it look perfect. At Emuca we tell you what you can do to achieve an aesthetic and functional change in your furniture, just by replacing the fittings. More sustainable, impossible! A new life for your furniture.
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Recycling furniture is fixing what doesn’t work

It is normal that, as the years go by, furniture stops working as it originally did. The wheels get stuck, the slides come off or do not roll comfortably, the handles are loose… among many other things that can happen with daily use. But if everything else is fine, why change the entire piece of furniture? This is the starting question that leads us to encourage you to recycle furniture.

How to recycle your furniture? Bringing everything up to scratch

To recycle furniture and give it a second life, you have at your disposal all kinds of fittings that will replace the old pieces that assemble your furniture using the same boards. A striking example of this is kitchen drawers. Whether you want to improve its performance or its performance is not ideal, simply install new guides. It will look even better than when it was first installed. Similarly, the eccentrics and fixing bolts should be replaced to provide a rigid and well-assembled piece of furniture. If the furniture is wobbly, it needs to be replaced! With these ideas you can easily bring old furniture or furniture with sentimental value back to life.

Renovate the aesthetics of a piece of furniture

When it comes to giving a furniture a facelift, looking to change the style or improve what has been damaged over time, it can be done with hardware. From the base to the details, these pieces have the power to give a better look to any piece of furniture. It’s good to take advantage of it! Although it may seem a bit exaggerated, a kitchen cupboard or drawer can change substantially if the handles are renewed. No need to throw things away: recycling furniture is simple.

Recycling furniture: a total change

For a complete change, the furniture in question can be stripped, painted to cover the old finish and new handles can be installed to match the new style. This way, no one will notice that it is the same piece of furniture. This can also be achieved by changing the castors or legs of a table. A table intended for one space can fit perfectly into another in the blink of an eye if the right changes are made. It’s as easy as installing the right fittings.

Recycling a piece of furniture to make something different

As a last idea, there is the possibility of modifying a piece of furniture or an object that had a specific function into another type of furniture by installing fittings. It sounds like a challenge, but there are many interesting examples – all it takes is a little creativity! For example, you can make a table out of a door leaf, using legs and wheels as a support. On the other hand, it is also practical to use kitchen drawers vertically with a glass panel or other board on top to turn it into a side table, using hardware to fix it properly.

Advantages of recycling furniture by changing its fittings

The first and most notable advantage is that it saves you a lot of money, as you don’t need to buy completely new furniture. With a small budget you can get the desired fittings and give your furniture the look and function you want. Another feature of this practice is that it takes advantage of all the useful life that a material can give, contributing to the environment. Finally, people tend to get attached to some pieces of furniture because they are comfortable, hold a memory or are part of their life. What better than to use them again with other excellent finishes? In summary, furniture recycling offers many benefits for customers and manufacturers who practice it correctly.
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Where to get the necessary hardware?

If you want to try these ideas, at Emuca you can find everything you need to carry them out. We offer you all kinds of hardware, from pieces for assembly, such as accessories, handles, wheels, among others. We are sure you will find what you are looking for among our furniture recycling products. And if you have any questions, contact us and we will guide you with our solid experience in manufacturing and design.

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