Furniture legs: dining table and desk

Dining tables or desks are essential pieces of furniture in a home. They play a crucial role in the functionality and also in the decorative aspect of a room. But for them to exist, they need incredible furniture legs. The choice of table legs is a determining factor in terms of function, versatility, mobility and decorative style. It is therefore necessary to choose them wisely, taking into account their use and context.
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The furniture legs take centre stage

In recent years, with the evolution of furniture and table leg design, table legs have become more prominent than the table top itself. This has even resulted in the table surfaces being quite simple, while the legs can be true works of art. This is also influenced by the fact that legs can offer numerous functional benefits such as regulation, better mobility, among others. The shape and materials used have also permeated this trend. The use of resistant metals that can withstand heavy loads but from a stylised design, while being durable at the same time. There are endless advantages offered by furniture legs, which is why they have become the protagonists of today’s tables. Below, we will talk about some models that may be of interest on various occasions, both decorative and functional.

Furniture legs: square and table legs

Square table legs are excellent examples of modernity. An option that stands out and is eye-catching, to the point that they rarely go unnoticed by a guest. The ones you can find at Emuca also enjoy the elegance that comes from their clean lines and finishes. On the other hand, it is important to take into account the number of diners who generally use the table and also the size of the room where it will be installed. This is because being a structure with legs in the corners makes it difficult for more diners to sit in the corners if the room is small. But with the right size it doesn’t have to be a problem.

Motorised height-adjustable table

A real engineering highlight is the motorised table legs. This type of leg has the advantage of being adjustable and being able to change its height to the user’s liking at any time. But without the user having to make any effort, as the legs will do the heavy work thanks to their built-in motor. It is ideal for work, study and even workshop desks, where you can spend long hours and a change of position would be appropriate. Another example of its usefulness is that several people with different heights can adjust the table to the one that is ideal for them. Finally, at Emuca we have a model of table legs with motorised adjustment. A very discreet design with legs only at its lateral ends, making it very comfortable for mobility.

Central table leg

Centre legs have a strong charm, especially when combined with round tables, although this is neither compulsory nor a rule of decoration. They are a great addition to furniture legs. Their main advantage is that they are comfortable for multiple diners, as they have no structure at the ends that can be bumped into. For weight bearing and stability they tend to be quite sturdy legs with a larger base area at the bottom to counteract movement if the table is of a large size. The model we currently offer is called “Hera”. It consists of a central leg in a square format that is designed for small tables of 4 people in normal conditions. More people can be added without being uncomfortable thanks to the advantages mentioned above. It is a pillar-shaped leg with a sturdy and robust construction and a modern design with a shiny metallic finish.

Set of table legs

Rod legs are excellent examples of the finesse of decoration. With their fine lines, they have a very refined look and stand out in the interior design. Despite their appearance, these table legs are quite sturdy, as they consist of multiple rods that effectively distribute the load to the same point on the floor. In addition, they have a base that supports the tabletop and holds them together at all times. It is a very useful design for desks, and it certainly also works for dining rooms with a small number of people. Within furniture legs, they are gaining more and more prominence. In our catalogue we highlight the set of hairpin legs with 3 rods. If you are looking to evoke a delicate style, but with a rustic or industrial feel, these are the ones for you.

There are more models in our catalogue

Here we have shown you just a small part of all the furniture legs we have for you. If you visit the specialised section in our product catalogue you will be dazzled by the other models that we will surely talk about another time in this blog.

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