Extendable tables: do you know all their advantages?

Extending tables are indispensable pieces of furniture in the home. Their uses are (almost) infinite for a wide range of activities in everyday life, especially for families.  But on the other hand, not every space can accommodate a large table to satisfy everyone in the house. It is also the case that in many cases it is not feasible to have a table permanently in a place such as the kitchen.  For these and many other cases in everyday life, design and space optimisation is multiplied with extendable tables. These marvels of design and furniture allow you to fold or extend a table, so you can increase its size and reduce it. There are also models that fold away when folded. So you can store it away when not in use.  Both options are very useful, so we will tell you the advantages of this type of table that will undoubtedly make your life more comfortable. 

Extendable tables: optimising space 

When it comes to extendable tables, the first advantage that stands out is the use of space. Since you can place this type of table in small spaces and extend it at specific times, only when you need this extra surface area. This way, the area does not become overcrowded or uncomfortable to walk through.  This type of table, when installed on a kitchen island or worktop, provides an additional work area or more seating for guests. The table will be concealed and only when needed will it be folded out and then returned to its original place, optimising the space. 
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It is a multifunctional table 

A table with these characteristics is very versatile and can be used for different activities and contexts. It does not only have to be associated with a dining room. It can also be used for work that requires, at any given time, a large surface area to make it comfortable.  It is also an excellent advantage for families where several members need the table for their homework at the same time.  In areas such as the kitchen and dining room they are most popular, but the utility they can offer in a small studio should not be overlooked. The multi-functionality it gives to spaces is simply great. 

Easy to use 

A notable advantage of this type of table at Emuca is that its mechanisms can be easily and effortlessly manipulated. It is normal to think that these tables are cumbersome and so difficult to unfold that they will fall into oblivion.  But the truth is that, in just a few minutes, you can enjoy having a table as well as storing and folding it in its original position. So it is comfortable to use and is not a nuisance in everyday life – quite the opposite! 

Large number of installation options 

With these tables you don’t have to stick to a specific design plan. On the contrary: you can install them in many places and be completely efficient.  Because you can adapt it to your needs, whether you need a table in the bedroom or in the living room, its applications are numerous. You can use them to make the most of any area of the home. 

Discreet opening system 

The system that allows the table to be opened or extended offers a discreet design, not at all ugly or excessively conspicuous. The mechanisms are concealed so that they do not detract from the aesthetic finish of your furniture and rooms.  This makes it an excellent choice for decorated living rooms or areas with a high aesthetic finish. Thanks to its invisible systems, the table will blend in without having a negative impact on its surroundings. 

Extendable and folding tables from Emuca 

Now that you know the advantages of this type of table, we invite you to get to know the different models we have at Emuca.  From designs that are completely hidden, to folding tables that only change angle to be hidden to be functional. Check out our catalogue and be amazed by these and other wonders we have to optimise the space in your home. 

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