Drawers to improve kitchen layout

The space that is most sensitive to organisation in the entire home is the kitchen. It is not at all easy to design and manufacture a space like this. You need to be coherent and take into account even the smallest detail to make a comfortable space for your guests. Drawers to improve the layout of the kitchen are, in that sense, a great thing. Nowadays it is not necessary to have a very large space to keep things tidy. One aspect that has evolved substantially is storage solutions such as drawers. With a good drawer design, every corner of the kitchen can be used in a practical and simple way, without forgetting about aesthetics. Each drawer can be used for its proper function to create a harmonious kitchen layout. This time we will talk about the types and shapes of drawers that are necessary to organise a kitchen.
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Drawers to improve kitchen layout: no shelves?

Every element has its place in the kitchen. In the lower part of this area, in terms of versatility, convenience and organisation of items, drawers are the best option. You won’t have to bend down to look for something at the bottom of the cabinet, because the drawer pulls out to bring it closer. It’s much easier to keep things tidy and find what you need. In the upper part of a kitchen, on the other hand, it is generally not possible to install drawers due to the height. Therefore, in these cases, shelves are more useful. Fortunately, the cupboards also have accessories for a better internal distribution of space and optimisation, which makes it easier to find objects. In the drawers you can find hundreds of ways to build them with different uses, even customised. There are customers who may ask for a drawer for a specific appliance. With the right knowledge and the parts we offer you in Emuca you will always be able to give a suitable answer.

Essential types of drawers to organise the kitchen

The diversity of existing fittings and parts makes it possible to assemble drawers in a customised way, creating furniture for different uses. It is not just a question of size: there are several aspects that can be modified.

Spice drawers

Este tipo de cajón resulta muy especial y distinto a los demás de toda This type of drawer is very special and different from the others in the kitchen. This is because they are narrow and their height tends to take up all the space from the floor of the unit to the worktop. There are ideal accessories for this type of drawers with different levels of trays to perfectly organise the condiments without creating chaos. The need for this drawer lies in the number of jars that need to be stored and kept conveniently available while the user cooks. For this reason, as well as having a different design, its location is normally very close to the kitchen, for accessibility

Drawers for lids and pots

Pots and pans are often the largest items in a kitchen and take up the most space. Because of this, a large, sturdy drawer will be just right. On the other hand, keeping the lids organised creates another inconvenience: ideally, they should be in the same drawer so that you don’t have to go to two different places to find the pots and lids. To solve this, we offer you two ideas. The first is to use the accessory for hanging pot lids and attach it to the inside of the front panel of the drawer. Another alternative is to use drawer dividers and place them in a space-saving way, so that the lids can be arranged vertically and are easier to find. In terms of location, if the kitchen has a worktop, it can be placed in the lower part with a large front panel that hides the other upper drawers. On the other hand, in an area close to the sink will also be useful.

Recycling bins

Recycling is important. Separating waste is a time-saving and environmentally friendly activity. But for this it is necessary to have a specific space. At Emuca we have containers that are ideal for separating waste. It is only necessary to have a medium or large sized drawer in which to place them. No need to worry about weight: there are fittings strong enough to withstand the load of 40 kg or more, so it won’t be a problem if you choose the right ones. For its location, we usually recommend an area near the sink or under it, hiding another upper drawer that you can install with a siphon saver to make the most of the space.

Drawers to improve the layout of the kitchen: better with Emuca

There are still more drawers that are necessary for the kitchen, but we will mention them in a second post. Here we have covered some of the basics, but there are still some excellent possibilities to discover. Especially if you use hardware and accessories for drawers that we offer in Emuca, check our catalogue and you will be surprised with the options that the pieces that we design and manufacture will allow you. Discover the best drawers to improve your kitchen layout.

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