Cabinet fittings: find out how they make them better

Each of the wardrobes that your customers have in their home has a particular use and therefore, specific hardware and accessories for its operation. These fittings are the necessary pieces for your wardrobes or dressing rooms to be well equipped. That’s why today we look at wardrobe fittings. This includes organiser drawers, pull-out hangers, pull-out drawers, pull-out trays, trouser racks, tie racks, baskets, shoe racks, ironing boards, pull-out mirrors and many more. The best thing about each of these elements is that you can offer them in combination with doors, handles, knobs or profiles that will give a unique touch to that storage area. The idea is to provide your customers with all the quality alternatives to turn the wardrobe into a piece of decoration in itself. At Emuca we know how you can achieve this important task, find out here!
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Cabinet fittings: which type to use?

It is very likely that any customer who wishes to renew their wardrobe will have to make some very specific changes. This is where you must have all the necessary elements to offer variety, quality, first class materials and the most avant-garde aesthetics of the moment. Everything will depend on how much space the client has available to place the elements they need. However, many of them are complementary, so the multiple options you can choose from will make you completely satisfied with your decision. Let’s take a look at the types of hardware that Emuca puts at your disposal so that you can offer the benefit of improved wardrobes to your customers. As always, with superior quality and design.

Storage fittings

All these accessories are ideal for complementing the structure of hangers and shelves in the wardrobe. They are all made of highly resistant materials with an elegant appearance so as not to clash with the other elements. These accessories and fittings also have the advantage of being perfectly attached to the enclosure by means of tried-and-tested, heavy-duty fastening mechanisms. Among the accessories that you can offer your clientele are organiser drawers for clothes or jewellery, shoe racks that have a diagonal metal structure and provide order and cleanliness. Similarly, there are trouser racks that allow clothes to be hung in wardrobes in a careful way, avoiding wrinkles and piles.

Wardrobe fittings: hangers and coat hooks

These fittings, very necessary in any wardrobe, provide convenience when storing any garment that needs to be placed on hangers. The variety of accessories allows them to be adapted to suit any style of décor, or simply to be stored away and not get in the way, such as folding wall hooks, for example. This type of hanger folds down at 90° and its non-slip surface provides better support. Likewise, it can be folded up completely vertically. Another piece of hardware that you should have in stock is the folding hanger. This hanger system allows garments to be hung with sufficient space, and then folded out of the wardrobes where they are installed, allowing the user to have a better reach of the garment and greater visibility of them.

Cabinet fittings: handle profiles

These cabinet fittings serve two main purposes in the installation of the cabinet. The first of these is to cohere the door structure in order to give it greater support and thus prevent deformation. Another advantage of these profiles is that in addition to being part of the structure. They can have the purpose of being handles, which provides the user with a whole, ergonomic and well-designed gripping surface for opening and closing cabinet doors. These profiles are made of materials that are durable, easy to maintain and simple to install. As well as having a whole range of variants that are ideal for combining with other essential additions to these storage spaces.

Modular shelving

This type of shelving gives dressing rooms and wardrobes a whole range of qualities, both in their installation and in the order they provide. Its versatility and beauty is obvious, due to its modular design. These shelves work by means of a strong metal structure anchored to the floor and wall or ceiling, to which the modules are then added depending on the environment the client desires. They have also been manufactured to meet the need for storage in large spaces, as well as in small cupboards in the home. Depending on this, the customer will be able to configure their own shelving with the modules they need.

Final recommendations on cabinet hardware

The proposal to improve that storage space that Emuca brings, so that it does not become a chaos, is very complete. Remember that the variety in the merchandise will allow you to provide more adequate and precise solutions to optimise any wardrobe that needs to be improved. It offers customers quality, beauty, durability and the confidence of buying the best cabinet hardware.

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