Advantages of the Emuca wardrobes: 7 keys to why they are so surprising

Installing Emuca cabinets gives you numerous benefits, both in the process and in the final result. Starting with the aesthetic finish, functions, features and other aspects that make these wardrobes one of the best options on the market. Therefore, today we talk about the advantages of Emuca wardrobes. 

But to prove it, we will go deeper into the advantages of using our cabinets for your home or to supply your customers. This way you will see what Emuca can offer you and, if you have tried our other products, you will know the quality and track record that precedes us. 

Advantages of Emuca cabinets: a perfect fit 

Emuca cabinets consist of a kit of parts that you assemble and install to make the cabinet available. The advantage is that the fundamental pieces determine the size. The profiles have a standard maximum length, so you can adjust it to what you need. 

In this way, the wardrobe will be fitted to the size and conditions you need. This also allows you to personalise its design and achieve a perfect fit. 


The parts we manufacture for the cabinets are mostly made of aluminium or stainless steel. As you can imagine, this is something that provides great durability to the furniture being installed. 

These materials have a high resistance to corrosion, which is further enhanced by the protective coatings and finishes they possess. 

That’s why the Emuca cabinet you install will last and function properly for years to come. 

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Thanks to the flexibility of the dimensions of the pieces that the wardrobe has, you can choose the design that best suits you to store your clothes in the most comfortable way, obtaining a wardrobe that suits you. 

If you are interested in more drawers and less space for hangers, or vice versa, it is a decision you can make and modify both the exterior and interior design of the wardrobe. 

Because of this, each wardrobe ends up being unique, as each customer has the option to imprint their needs on it and get what they want. 


Accessories for Emuca cabinets 

The range of accessories we have in our catalogue is impressive, you can find a large number of pieces for different functions. Each one designed to solve and improve comfort in these spaces that need great optimisation. 

From folding and folding coat racks for trousers, ties and other items, to retractable mirrors that are installed on the inside of the wardrobe. 

With this set of options the customisation and functionality is greatly increased. We believe this is one of the great advantages of Emuca cabinets. 

Advantages of Emuca cabinets: aesthetic finish 

The pieces of our wardrobes have different aesthetic, attractive finishes that you can choose according to your decoration plan. 

You’ll find neutral colours with gloss or matt finishes to make it easy to match a variety of our customers’ decorating styles and trends. 

You can place the doors of your choice 

At Emuca we have options so that you can choose the doors that best suit your preferences and situation. In most cases sliding doors are the best option. 

However, we understand that folding and folding doors also have a number of advantages that can be used in a wardrobe. 

That’s why we leave the decision up to you, and increase the level of customisation so that the choice is up to the users and even as a manufacturer you can satisfy them. 

High-quality part design 

Our fittings are meticulously designed and are the product of years of experience. During that time, we have tested and refined the creation of parts so that their function and finish is of the highest quality. 

Because of that you can see how Emuca fittings have interesting functions, they are resistant, their aesthetic finish is attractive. In addition, they have other qualities that speak for themselves of the quality of our design and manufacture. 

As a company we attend furniture conventions in Europe and are always looking to improve our products through research and better ways to offer the best to our customers. 

Advantages of Emuca cabinets 

The advantages of our cabinets are undoubtedly surprising, as they are focused on offering the best experience to our customers. Both manufacturers and sellers, as well as end users, who will have a cabinet in their homes. 

If you would like to purchase a wardrobe, we invite you to view our options in the virtual catalogue and if you have any questions, please contact us, we will be pleased to help you. 

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