Vintage handles: latest trend in home furniture design

Vintage handles are one of the current trends in kitchen decoration. One of the main reasons for their success is their original aesthetics, which manages to confer personality to the room.

By applying them to the furniture, a kitchen becomes more than just a functional space and becomes another place in the house where you can enjoy an atmosphere that is cared for down to the last detail.


Latest trends in kitchens

Until very recently, one of the biggest trends in kitchen furniture was the absence of handles or, alternatively, their installation in such a way that they were invisible. The main objective of this aesthetic option was to be able to show off a visually very clean space, in which the furniture will be integrated into the whole.

Currently, the most recent kitchen designs integrate the furniture handles in the front to form a single design. In this way, movement is brought to each of the pieces, which also gives a unique personality touch. The furniture, once again, stands out within the space.

In the most innovative kitchens, accessories play an important role in turning them into decoration projects with their own character. The customer is looking for a design that differs from those of its surroundings while reflecting their personality.- It is in this sense that the handles for the furniture acquire a special relevance. For this reason, experts in interior decoration and design consider them to be one of the most outstanding trends of today.


Vintage handles: the accessory that changes everything

When we think of everything that represents the design of a kitchen, the choice of handles may almost seem like an anecdote. Nothing could be further from the truth.  This is a particularly important element, which determines to a great extent the final aesthetics of the whole.

The choice of furniture handles revolves around such specific issues as their size and shape, to create a uniform piece. But this is not the only thing we should consider. The selected style for this type of hardware can completely change the aesthetics of a kitchen and help create the atmosphere we are looking for.

We associate vintage handles with our grandmothers’ old kitchens, but interior designers go one step further. Applying them to today’s kitchens – whether rustic, classic, or even with a modern twist – can be the perfect touch to turn the décor around.

In fact, this style of handles is also an excellent resource for renovating a kitchen, when you do not want to do big works. Opting for knobs and handles with a retro touch completely change the appearance of furniture and, consequently, the decoration of the whole room takes on a different feel.


Personality and originality are trendy

If there is something that defines current interior design projects, it is the need to give personality to the decoration of all the spaces in a house. We no longer want our living room or kitchen to look like those of the people we know. We want to make our rooms different, reflecting who we are, to feel really comfortable.

The kitchen  is one of the places in the house where we spend the most hours. That is why design trends seek to make it a comfortable, functional and, especially, beautiful, and welcoming place. In order to meet this challenge, it is essential to have such original elements as vintage handles.

Discover our catalog of Furniture Handles

Regardless of their functionality, we cannot forget that the choice of these fittings determines the style we will give to the kitchen. An aluminium handle with minimalist lines does not send the same feeling as a classic one, and the perception of it is even more different depending on the furniture with which it is combined.

Betting on personality and originality in a kitchen allows us to introduce elements that are difficult to see nowadays in this type of space, such as wooden or ceramic handles, and other vintage handle designs.


Create exceptional atmospheres with Emuca’s Vintage handles

At Emuca we work to offer our customers a wide range of fittings, where they can find the piece they are looking for to complete the perfect design for their furniture. We also know how important it is for them to create ambiances in their homes where they feel really comfortable, thanks to their style, functionality and design. Our range of vintage handles is a reflection of classic elegance that creates a unique atmosphere in a kitchen, or any other room in the home.

Emuca’s classic furniture handles are made in zamak, so they guarantee the highest resistance and durability. In addition, they offer the best value for money. Its bronze finish offers the designers several possibilities to combine them with the general decoration of the kitchen. They are the ideal option for rustic, classic or colonial style furniture.


Our vintage handles include handle models, as well as the traditional classic style knobs. These become the best solution for drawer and furniture fittings installed in small spaces. In fact, the Malik model perfectly combines the aesthetics of traditional knobs with a perfect minimalist essence to give an elegant and discreet touch to the decoration.

We also have various handles in which metal is the star of their stylized design, and whose refined simplicity give an extra touch of elegance to kitchen furniture.

Betting on Emuca’s vintage handles is a guarantee when it comes to giving personality and style to a kitchen without compromising on quality and functionality.


At Emuca we offer a wide selection of kitchen fittings. Do you want to design a unique kitchen that reflects your personality? For that purpose, the choice of small details, such as the vintage handles for the furniture, will help you to achieve the ambience you are looking for. Contact us!

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