Latest trends in LED lighting systems for cabinet manufacturing

iluminacion led para armarios

Today’s customers are no longer just looking for a quality cabinet with the necessary dimensions to store everything they need and keep their home tidy. Today, it is important to have a comfortable and convenient experience in their daily use. This is why the application of LED lighting to illuminate the interior of furniture is becoming a requirement to be taken into account in industrial carpentry.


LED systems, the best solution for cabinet lighting

Just a few years ago, no one considered having a piece of furniture, or a simple drawer, with light inside. Today, however, cabinet lighting is becoming more and more established in the design of this type of furniture piece. Its essential aim is to help the user to perform the most basic daily tasks, such as finding clothes to wear, much more easily, comfortably, and attractively.

In addition, it is necessary to bear in mind that the installation of luminaires in the interior helps highlight both the wood and the design of the cabinet. Therefore, they even represent a plus for improving the general ambience of the room where it is placed.

Lighting the furniture with LEDs is the best option, as it can be integrated into the structure of the wardrobe and is also sustainable. In fact, they consume up to 80% less energy and have a durability of about 20 years. Therefore, it is not a significant economic expense and it is very advantageous.


Latest developments in LED systems for furniture

The latest trends in lighting offer various LED systems that can act effectively as a light source inside a cabinet. Choosing one will depend on the characteristics of the furniture, in terms of size and the existence of possible drawers or shelves, as well as the use to which it will be put on a regular basis.

The  LED bars with sensors are designed to activate every time the furniture door or the drawer is opened, or when a person’s hand is detected. If you do not want to make an electrical installation or it is impossible because of the location, there even are models that work with batteries. In any case, they stand out for offering a high level of luminosity.

iluminacion led

Spot LEDs can also have a presence sensor, but they differ in that they offer a focused light source that helps to highlight a specific space inside a piece of furniture, whether for functional or aesthetic purposes. One of their great advantages is that they can be used independently, making them especially useful for illuminating a drawer or a shelf when carrying out a specific search.

In any case, the use of LED systems for the interior lighting of cabinets stands out for its ability to adapt to all types of furniture and, above all, for its low energy consumption. The inclusion of movement and exterior light sensors is an important factor in ensuring that only the strictly necessary electrical power is used.

For elegant and stylish lighting

Lighting furniture should not only be a functional option. Clearly, cabinets with interior lighting are much more convenient when it comes to tasks such as storing clothes or looking for a particular item, but we cannot afford to forget about aesthetics when planning the design of this type of lighting system.


Cabinet lighting is an excellent ally when it comes to modernising this furniture and giving it a special touch of elegance and style. It is particularly important to value the aesthetic impact of the light inside these structures, which allows to see their content. We should consider that wood is one of the materials that transmits more warmth and homely feeling, and the light helps to highlight these properties making the cabinets a comfortable and welcoming space for users.


Types of LED systems for cabinet manufacturing

Taking advantage of the new trends in lighting in the industrial production of cabinets allows for having different types of LED systems to provide light to their interior.

LED lights with a magnetic mounting system are simply stuck anywhere on the inside walls of a cabinet. They work with manual pressure and you can find them with conventional or rechargeable batteries. They are the best option for a focused and economical lighting.

If the cabinet to be illuminated is of large dimensions, it is worth considering the installation of ceiling LED systems. Although it requires some small works, it must be taken into account that they allow for the placement of steerable lights. Therefore, it is the most functional option to ensure that every corner of the interior of the furniture is perfectly illuminated. In this way, all the drawers and shelves are completely functional and if you accompany it with LED strips the result can be spectacular.

Although these are the most used systems, the list of current trends in LED lighting does not end here. If you want to give the cabinets of a house a particularly elegant and designer look, without ever setting aside functionality, you can resort to more sophisticated installations, such as placing LED systems inside mirrors or methacrylate sheets. In this way, they are completely invisible.

At Emuca we are aware of the importance of designing cabinets with careful interior lighting. That is why we have a complete catalogue of LED luminaires, which includes a wide variety of LED strip models, designed to give added value to the furniture and the general ambience of the room. In addition, we offer examples of their applications so that cabinet manufacturers can have specific references on which model fits best in their creations.

LED systems are one of the most used lighting trends nowadays, either in rooms or inside furniture. Their ability to provide high-quality light, perfect for ensuring the best visibility, and their versatility in adapting to the environments in which they are placed are two of the keys to their success. In addition, we must not forget that they are one of the most sustainable options in terms of energy consumption and, therefore, more costs saving. The possibility of combining functionality, aesthetics and a tight cost makes more and more users demand LED lighting systems inside their cabinets.

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