Furniture legs: 10 tips to hit the nail on the head

They are not only useful, but also decorative: furniture legs can be combined with your decor, thanks to their colors and shapes.

The idea is that, in addition to supporting weight, they should be a nice accessory to the eye, so you gain in aesthetics. However, how to choose the best ones? We tell you in detail.

Best furniture legs: how to choose them

There are several things to take into account when choosing the best furniture legs, and at Emuca we do not skimp on providing you with details that make the usual difference in our service.

Why stick to the basics when you can get with a complement all the guarantee of the best materials and designs, in addition to the style that characterizes different and well harmonized spaces?

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10 tips for choosing the best furniture legs

Join us for this complete guide and tips on how to choose the best furniture legs on the market.

1. Furniture legs, materials

The materials for the manufacture of furniture legs are diverse, depending on the load to which they will be subjected, as well as the adaptability of the material to the manufacturing styles and designs.

The materials that we recommend and make available to you in our proposals are:

  • Steel, for its great strength and durability.
  • Aluminum, which is an anticorrosive and contemporary material.
  • ABS plastic, which offers strength and versatility.

2. Types and forms

There are rectangular legs with pointed edges, which you should keep a close eye on if there are children at home. If this is your case, you can opt for others with rounded edges.

There are also cylindrical legs, rod-shaped legs that give a stylized touch to the furniture, furniture feet, height leveling feet or casters, which are a special form of leg for some furniture.

3. Sizes and dimensions

Their sizes are diverse, which gives you a great advantage when choosing the one that fits your furniture. Take into account the weight and size of the furniture, as there should always be a proportional relationship between it and the leg you choose.

Some legs have the option to adjust the height so it will be easier to adapt it to your needs; others are of reduced dimensions, and can be purchased as “furniture feet”.

4. Fixing

The legs have various fastening mechanisms, such as screws that fasten the piece directly to the furniture.

There are also mechanisms that use fixing plates, which are also attached by means of screws.

5. Installation

The way furniture legs are installed is very simple. In most of them it is done through screws that fix exactly to the leg, which allows it to be strongly fixed, without lateral movements that can break the screw.

6. Accessories and other add-ons

There are elements that will make the legs work better than the rest, such as buffers that protect the floor from scratches that can be caused by the legs.

There are also the sliding systems, which help to move the furniture more comfortably without danger, and which are installed by means of a screw directly to the furniture.

7. Wheels types and materials

The furniture casters are another type of support whose main characteristic is the possibility of moving the furniture without having to load it, but by pushing it in the direction where you want to move it. These can be:

  • Rotating or multidirectional movement.
  • Fixed wheels or unidirectional movement.
  • Castors with brake for immobilization or fixation of the furniture. The best.

8. Wheel size

This will depend on the dimensions of the furniture, the weight that the wheel is able to support and its formal aspect, that is to say, the design and aesthetics that you want to achieve.

9. Leveling feet

These types of furniture legs fulfill the function of giving a minimum height to your furniture to protect it from direct contact with the floor.

These feet are screw-shaped, adjustable from the outside and can be circular or hexagonal.

10. Furniture feet

Furniture feet are small legs that give a minimum height to the furniture, protecting them from humidity. They are placed on furniture, sofas, bedside tables, being installed discreetly. They can be rectangular, square and made of materials that give hardness.


Choosing the furniture legs that best suit your needs will be easier if you take into account this guide, which gives you a clearer idea of what you should not miss. We also give you a range of options to choose from, and remember to keep in mind:

  • The furniture to which you want to add new legs.
  • Shapes and designs that fit what you want.
  • Materials and sizes.

Otherwise, the key is to enjoy acquiring the best furniture legs, online, with guaranteed delivery and with the most varied options and styles that we can offer. That experience is brought to you by Emuca.

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