9 essential accessories for a perfect kitchen: from the laundry basket to the garbage cans

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Many of our daily activities take place in the kitchen. For this reason, in addition to taking into account the design, the furniture that you are going to use and the necessary materials to create the ideal space, you must also pay attention to the details that will finish defining that space. It’s about finding the accessories for the perfect kitchen.  Certain accessories are essential in a safe and avant-garde kitchen, since they add a touch of beauty and at the same time are totally functional. They help you keep everything in order and at hand, with style and modernity. Get to know these accessories and get the best out of every corner of your kitchen. 
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Organize a perfect kitchen 

The first thing you should take into account is that being a social space, the tastes and needs of those who will live there are decisive. This will make it much easier for you to choose your accessories for the perfect kitchen.  In the same way, it will help you make more accurate decisions regarding the location of what you are going to incorporate, quantities, style, among other aspects. Let’s see the 9 accessories that should not be missing in that perfect kitchen. 

Kitchen organizers 

These are elements that help in the distribution of kitchen utensils. Among them you can find dish organizers, made of resistant plastic or metal, mop or brush hangers, extendable rag holders, among others.  Magnetic bars are excellent and very useful, keeping knives and other sharp items in sight of adults and out of reach of children. 


They are open containers for the placement of cutlery and other utensils, in order. Its main function is to keep them in one place, preventing them from moving around the drawer where you place them. Their current designs go beyond the storage of cutlery, as they have the capacity to house pieces of larger dimensions. 

Trash bins are part of a perfect kitchen 

Today, these containers feature custom designs, meeting the requirement of keeping kitchen waste out of sight.  They are made of resistant plastics, with custom-made lids, large capacities and ergonomic shapes.  You can also choose those that allow you to separate the waste for recycling. Their installation varies between the traditional fixed ones to the most modern ones, with covers that open with the door. 

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In the same way as garbage cans, laundry baskets have evolved to become part of a perfect kitchen.  These accessories will make it easier for you to place the clothes you are going to wash. Made of resistant plastic with holes, you can also find them designed with metal rods that keep clothes airy. 
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The laundry and ironing area is also a vital part near the kitchen, and it is not without its fabulous accessories. The ironing boards have flip-top designs so they can be installed on cabinet doors for easy storage, even in the kitchen! 

Non-slip mats 

The technology in the kitchen offers you materials such as the non-slip mat that is placed at the bottom of the drawers to prevent plates, glasses and kitchenware in general from slipping inside it. With this essential accessory you keep everything in its place, in the same way you will avoid scratching your furniture. 

Wall hangers for a perfect kitchen 

Although they are an accessory that you can place in any room in your home, it is advisable to have several of them in the kitchen area. This will help you keep your kitchen towels close and spread out. Also great for aprons or any other items you want to keep hanging. 

Wall mount accessories 

They are accessories that are in trend due to their wall placement proposal. They have a clean line design and are resistant.  From hangers for utensils, small shelves for cups and glasses, roll holders, to supports for the tablet: this accessory will be a very useful element, as well as a precious detail that will give quality to your kitchen. 

Appliance accessories 

Your kitchen appliances can also be upgraded with accessories that will protect them, optimizing their operation. An example is the ventilation grids and bases for ovens and refrigerators.  Other accessories print a touch of beauty. Among them are the frames for microwaves, which are adjusted to the size of the door, protecting them and giving them a uniform facade. 

Final recommendation for a perfect kitchen 

Every accessory has a duty to help, enhance or embellish. In this way, the purpose is not to have many of these complements, but the necessary and most effective ones.  At Emuca we understand this concept and, therefore, we offer you the most suitable for a space as important as the kitchen. Logically, made with the best materialss and maintaining a design line that enhances any place where you install them. 

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