The Vertex drawer is now available in kit format complete with base and back panel

The New Vertex drawer in kit format

Discover how easy it is to equip your furniture, with the new vertex drawer in kit format with base and back panel included. It has all the necessary components to assemble an external drawer and, in addition, it does not require pre-drilling.

With its extra slim design and straight lines, this drawer is perfect to equip your furniture with the latest trends in design and functionality. It stands out for its anthracite grey finish, in both the sides, base and back, which provide an elegant style that, can be combined with any piece of furniture.

Its three part telescopic runner, of reduced height, offers great stability and soft gliding of the drawer.

It can support 40 kg with soft close, it also comes with a cushioned extraction stopper. 

This new format is available in heights of 93 and 178 mm , with a depth of 500 mm. 

They are designed for 450, 600 and 900 mm wide modules with 16 mm side thickness.

Each drawer contains a set of sides, a set of runners, a set of front fixings, a set of side boards, a base board, a back board and the necessary screws for mounting. It is supplied in individual packaging with all the necessary parts for the installation of the drawer, with the exception of the front panel.

Can I adapt this kit to another module width?

Yes, it is very easy. e.g. if we want to mount a drawer in a 500 mm wide module, we must start from the existing code for a 600 mm module. Then, cut the width of the base and back boards according to the formula: Inner module width - 19 mm

 Need help with product selection?

Vertex Catalogue

Vertex Catalogue

Here is the complete catalogue with all the components and accessories of the Vertex drawer

Need help with installation?


In this video we show you how to adjust the front of the Vertex drawer.

It can be adjusted horizontally and vertically so the front side is well positioned. It also has a locking and anti-pull off system.


Also, in this video we show you how to detach the drawer from the runners, which is easy and safe thanks to the integrated coupling on the sides of the drawer.

We show you how to mount the retainers in order to assemble large drawers, how to adjust the retainers to adapt the front of the tray in depth, and how to remove the retainer without using tools.

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