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Sistema Frontino coplanar

Highlighted below are the latest lines in sliding systems for your home, office and other premises such as hotels and commercial establishments. Please remember that you can find all our sliding systems in the catalogue section of our website in the “Systems for sliding doors” family.

Porta 100 for glass doors

Introducing our Porta 100 system, a new hung sliding system with a smooth sliding feature for glass doors, widely used for separating one ambience from another in your home, office or commercial premises.   The system features a soft close system and height adjustment. The installation of this system is performed by means of a clamp that holds the glass without the need for any machining or adhesives. It is supplied in kit form containing everything you need to assemble it, and you can choose between ceiling and wall mounting.

Would you prefer a sliding system for wooden doors? If you prefer, we also offer the wooden door version, the Railway system. Check out the two systems in the pamphlet below.

Coplanar Frontino 20

We are incorporating the Frontino 20 coplanar system. You may be wondering what coplanar is. It is a sliding door system in which one door slides in front of the other but, once they are closed, they sit on the same plane, giving the furniture a sleek look. The Frontino 20 system mechanism is reversible, and can be installed on upper or lower pieces of furniture with the mechanism located either at the top or at the bottom, depending on the required furniture design.

The system is designed for two wooden doors weighing a maximum of 20 kg each, and includes an adjustment on the door for vertical and horizontal incline and depth, which are carried out on the front of the door itself. Additionally, the system includes a soft, silent door opening and closing mechanism. The system’s mechanism is fully concealed once assembly has been completed on the furniture. Thanks to its four available widths, it facilitates the design of any width of furniture within the range of 1,400 to 2,199 mm.

Frontino 20

The following video shows how to assemble the furniture step by step with the Frontino 20 sliding door system. We also provide the configuration link so that you can carry out your own assemblies with this system and can calculate all the machining for your designs.

Frontino 20 Video

Frontino 20 Configurator

Clipo 16 for glass doors

We are expanding the family of Clipo sliding door systems with a new system for hung glass doors. It is designed for two doors with a maximum dimension per door of 1,400 mm high x 1,000 mm wide which glide in a hung position inside the furniture. This system is most common in lounge, office and bedroom furniture where the quality of the system can be appreciated.   Thanks to its aluminium upper bearing frame configuration, it is not necessary to machine the glass, allowing for a thickness of 6 mm. Likewise, it can be assembled together with the soft close mechanism which is available in two strengths, 8 kg and 16 kg.

Clipo 16 Cristal

You can also check out other Clipo systems in our catalogue and choose the one that best adapts to your furniture design.

Clipo 26
Clipo 26 for two wooden doors interior
Clipo 16
Clipo 16 for two wooden doors interior
Clipo 15
Clipo 15 for two wooden doors interior
Clipo 15 exterior
Clipo 15 for one wooden door exterior

For the Clipo 26 system for interior wood we have incorporated a soft close adaptor which will give your furniture a more professional appearance, as the soft close adaptor is concealed inside the upper track and hidden away from view. It is fully compatible with the current set of Clipo 26 gliders and rails.

Other stylish systems

Our retractable Concepta and Folding Concepta systems are ideal for concealing areas of your home with style and quality. Some of the most typical applications they can be used for are in the kitchen, wardrobes or cupboards, the office or even the laundry area, in furniture where we want to conceal the inside of a wardrobe or cupboard behind closed doors while providing full access to them when they are folded back.   These systems enable doors to open by folding back on hinges before being pushed inwards so that they remain concealed on one side, enabling full access to the furniture, cupboard or wardrobe they were covering. Both the Concepta and Folding Concepta model systems can be combined in any manner to make compositions of our choice.

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