Choose X71 hinges for your furniture


X71 hinges

We introduce the new range of soft-closing X71 hinges and their corresponding accessories.

You can choose from the straight, L-shaped and super L-shaped hinges, all supplied with screw assemblies.

Bisagra X71

We highlight their main features, which make these hinges more competitive than others.


* The X71 hinge offers a soft closing including new technology in its short damper.

* Ø35 cup hinge for clip assembly          

* Depth regulation with eccentric bolt

* Aperture 105º

* “One way” model

* Tested by CATAS 40,000 cycles

We also have a set of hinges consisting of 20 straight hinges, 20 accessories with height 0 and 80 screws for assembly.

They also have two models of screw accessory, one with eccentric regulation, both adding heights 0 and 2.

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